Blognonymous Holiday Gift Guide - Part 2

Who needs more junk? As we get older the holidays become an exercise in how to accumulate more things we don't need. So the Frogette and I came up with a gift-giving rule for ourselves and our families: If we can't eat it, drink it, spend it, or attend it we don't want it.

And nothing says "Merry Christmas" at Kvatch's pad more than BOOZE! Yes indeed, wine, vodka, gin, and most especially seasonal ales, stouts, and porters make this frog's holidays happy! Take for instance this little bottle of joy over on the left. It's a porter that got a bad rep in Maine for having a label that was deemed "undignified and improper". But I say...find me a local distributor so I can get a taste and buy six-packs for all my friends.

HT to the Comandante for the heads-up on the controversy.

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Six-Packs o' brew nicely wrapped then topped with a bow!
Drink it, eat it, spend it,attend it is the way to go!
That has been the motto of my adult life or as I like to put it, if it isn't illegal, immoral or fattening, I don't want it.

BevMo should carry it. Mmm, 6%, yumm.
TPM, nice holiday couplet!

Deb, no joy on the BevMo idea. Bummer, since there's now a BevMo within walking distance of my flat, but I'm continuing to look. And I like your motto, a well.
I couldn't agree more. Wine! More wine I say! Innkeeper! More wine!

Mrs DBK and I bought our current home five years ago. There is a little recessed area in the basement wall and, the first year we were in the place, I took the scrap material from another project and built a wine cabinet, kind of like a wine cellar. It holds 77 bottles of wine and is insulated against the basement but uninsulated against the exterior basement walls. In this way it used the earth for temperature control and resists the house temperature. We only have maybe twenty-five bottles of wine in the cabinet at this time, though we've been full from time to time. This includes five bottles of champagne that we've received as gifts, a bottle of 1985 porto that I picked up in Portugal for $30 but which retails in the states for over $300, a couple of bottles of the Chateauneuf-du-Pape Mont Redon (a 1999 and a 2000), and a Haute Medoc that I can't wait to drink, but I may have to go to the butcher's first for some rabbit, because I like a Haute Medoc with rabbit.

Scotch and Irish whiskey are good, too.
Booze: Tis the reason for the season!
Justification for indulging in that Sam Adams Winter Ale.
DBK... Never been much of a scotch drinker myself, but after many years of working on me, the Frogette has gotten me in touch with my Irish need for whiskey. As to the wine cabinet, we have a whole downstairs that stays at constant 60 - 65 degrees, not quite perfect, but still pretty good for storing wine.

Comandante, no truer words!

TBFKaJBlue, you need a symbol girl, and...you're so right about the Winter Ale.
I think I'm going to head over to DBK's house for a few drinks.
you forgot "smoke it"! nevamind, i'll make you some brownies. Double chocoholic mousse? one xmas a friend brought little rum cakes that were almost lethal. and ooh, Russian Tea Cookies go great with Armadale ($30 at BevMo). ~~ D.K.
Mags, me too! Well, except for the scotch thing.

D.K., "smoke it"? Not this frog (asthma). Breathing is enough of a problem without inhaling the gases and particles given off by a burning weed. ;-) But I love...absolutely love...brownies! And BTW...what's Armandale?
sorry about the asthma, kvatch. my little sister suffers terribly, had her first attack at 6-wks old, the first of many midnight hospital visits. she calls it "drowning in a sea of air".

BevMo describes Armadale as a "hand-crafted, tripled-distilled vodka from Scotland". natch the scots make it from barley!

There's a good vodka review in Slate
scroll down to Armadale. It came in #2 (Chopin was #1) ~~ D.K.
D.K., actually I never suffered from asthma nor from allergies until I moved to this god-forsaken, windswept rock. (That's how I feel about SF on the bad days.) But once here, it was pretty much a downhill plunge.

But, even setting aside the asthma, I've never had even the slightest interest in tobacco or any other "smokable" indulgence. Mother and Grandfather were smokers, and maybe that had something to do with it.

And...many thanks for the vodka recommendation. I'm gonna get me some of that!
I don't know about this Santa's Butt porter, though. It looks like it tastes like ass.

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