Blognonymous Holiday Gift Guide - Part 1

Giving new meaning to the term 'Party in your pants', we present the iBuzz2, a couples edition of the popular iBuzz announced back in March. Just plug it in and find a whole new way to enjoy your favorite music!iBuzz2

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Now THAT'S a personal electronic device!
Why, its a gift that keeps on giving...how nice! :P
Just imagine what you could do with a little thrash metal...
John, indeed! Though I have to say that accessories seem to be skewed toward the female of the species.

Dusty...and giving...and giving..and gi--ZZZzzz...

Fashiongirl...techno...death metal...perhaps even some hip-hop?
Kinda lends new meaning to "That "F'ing Ipod", doesn't it?:)
And where will the owner be while using it? Walking down the street?
Well. . .if you see a vibrating vehicle rolling down the street, yet hear no loud rap music coming from it. . .
TFWY, I've never had that opinion of my iPod. :-) Though if the Frogette buys one of these things...

Julien, sure. Why not? They'll have a grin on their face a mile wide. It'll be a sure tip off.

John, would that be your car?
Time to go listen to Billy Idol singing "Dancing With Myself".

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