An Anti-choice Zealot Bungles His Last Crusade

Phil Kline, the recently defeated Kansas Attorney General and anti-choice zealot, got the medical records he needed to continue a two-year witch hunt against Dr. George Tiller, Kansas' only provider of late-term abortions. Mr. Kline filed charges, 30 in all, a last attempt to shut Dr. Tiller down before Kline leaves office in 3 weeks, but he made a mistake.

You see Kansas' law does not allow the AG to file charges without consultation and the consent of the district attorney of the jurisdiction in question--Wichita in this case--and D.A. Nola Foulston didn't appreciate the end run. So what did she do? She filed a brief with the court requesting that all of Kline's charges be dropped, and on Friday they were.

Kline of course is furious (perhaps for being such a dumbass). Mary Kay Culp, executive director of Kansans for Life, is furious (perhaps for having incompetent twit, who couldn't even manage to get reelected, for an Attorney General). But one of only three clinics in the nation that can perform abortions for women who find their lives threatened late in their pregnancies stays open, and those women win.


I read about that yesterday. That dumb wingnut just had to get in a parting shot. He got voted out by the voters of one of America's reddest states. At some point he'll have to grasp this and get over it.
There are miracles in this world, and this story proves it!
And THANK YOU so much for NOT writing some hokey Christmas stuff. I'm fixing to post about the return of the draft. Some Christmas reading, huh? But thanks for this read for this news-starved news junkie.
thank somebody up there for Nola. Kansas is a boiling pot of radicals and there are a few liberals out there who are fighting the good fight.
It takes all kinds to make "miracles" worth noting by the MSM.

Thanks for the story Kvatch. Is truly a Wonderful Life.

(Sorry HCG. Heheh... I'm a sappy Holiday lovin' atheist, and couldn't pass the chance to tease.)
This is what happens when you put your personal vendetta before the law. All I can say is HaHahahahahahahahahahaha.
Any person who puts personal agenda before the law should be voted out of office.
They should actually be put in jail.
How much has this vendetta cost the taxpayers so far?
It should be deducted from his retirement.
Rare is the day I applaud incompetence, but this has to be one of them!!
At some point he'll have to grasp this and get over it.

Tom, I wish that were the case. But I believe that Kline was appointed D.A. of a different Kansas county just after he lost the election.

HillCountryGal, Michael...my pleasure. I'd been meaning to post on this yesterday but was a bit burned out on news. I'll save the "hokey" stuff for tomorrow. :-)

Peacechick, I think that Kansans are getting a little tired of being pariahs, but as I mentioned above, Kline isn't out of the picture yet.
Lew, TFWY... Yeah the nitwit should'a examined his state's laws before he tried this stunt, and I agree with 1138 that it has cost Kansans a lot. His 2 year quest for access to the medical records was a highly publicized, expenseive fishing expidition. Kline even admitted that he was also looking for evidence of statutory rape.
Kline was just appointed DA of Johnson County - the position vacated by Paul Morrison who kicked his ASS in the general election for state DA. The voters of Johnson county don't want him but the committee is doing what the hell it wants anwyay.

With any luck, Kline will be doing some time. There are several investigations under way of laws he has broken during his personal crusade, including showing private medical records to Bill O'Reilly.

He is the nuttiest of the wing-nuts here in Kansas. He and ultra-conservative wingnut Jim Ryun were both booted out in the last election and Kansas is bluer than ever now!
Kline to Kansans for Life: "Mary Culpa, Mary Maxima Culpa."
WOO HOO! Finally a victory for women's health.
And by the by, I have always been very pro-choice, but becoming a mother has made me even more so. I nearly died of kidney failure due to toxemia while pregnant with BabyGirl. Thank God I had the luxury of good health insurance, a wonderful and competent OB/GYN, that when I was induced that all went well, and that my preemie baby survived, but nothing wakes you up to the possibility of "carrying a child could equal your death" than nearly dying while pregnant. And nothing forces a husband to face his wife's untimely mortality than helplessly sitting back and watching his wife's health fail before his very eyes like that, either.

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