What's the Kommandos Project all about?

Once upon a time there was a Chicago peace activist named Sallie Gratch who had an idea for a novel sort of protest involving the little green army men that you played with as a kid. A blogger named Jay Lassiter picked up the idea and began deploying these little guys whenever and wherever he had the chance.

The Kommandos Project started when your's truly decided to go national with the idea in order celebrate Blognonymous' one year anniversary. That was in May. Since then, dozens of bloggers all over the nation have deployed thousands of these little guys. We held major protests on Memorial Day and Independence Day.

And now we're going to show our support for the troops and for an end to the Iraq War with a Veteran's Day Protest. The Democrats have taken control of Congress, but that doesn't mean that the war will end. We need to speak out!

Please join us.


I have 96 soldiers, Mr. Frog, Sir.

I just need to give them little signs, and figure out where to deploy.

Maybe, just maybe, some of the kids will realize that "Death in Iraq is NOT a career opportunity"
That's outstanding Sewmouse, have you clicked over to Kommandos Project and signed up? Would you like an invitation to contribute your own posts?
Or Armistice Day, as the case may be. Count me in.
I've clicked over, but not signed up because I ... was too lazy, I suspect.

I love the idea though, it is so peaceful and non-intrusive, yet so very poignant.

I'd love an invite.
will have to roust the sleeping troops and see if we can muster some assistance in the advance.
Give me a couple of weeks and I launch you 'downunder' branch. Howard says the Repubs lost because Bush stole everyones spare pennies, nothing to do with Iraq at all.
Tom, "Armistice Day," huh? OK...works for me. ;-)

Sewmouse, I'll send you an invitation presently.

Windspike, very cool.

Cartledge, spare pennies and about $650 a year, per taxpayer, every year for about the next hundred!
froggy, don't get me back on the economics wins/loses elections argument! You will have to wait for the book :)
I've been hitting the restaurants on the off season (no holidays) and have had interesting success. Holiday shopping for December will be a really big opportunity for me. As I shop I intend to drop my men off in all the different departments I shop in for people to happen upon. The possibilities are endless.

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