That'll Teach Those North Koreans

Kim Jong-il Special Edition iPodCupertino (f-A-ke. P.) -

In an effort to reach out to North Korea, the Bush Administration and Apple Computer announced the immediate availability of the Kim Jong-il Special Edition iPod.

"The administration just wants to show those commies that we're not totally insensitive to their need for quality American products," said Press Secretary, Tony Snow.

The new iPod will come pre-loaded with the North Korean national anthem, The Internationale, and the complete collected speeches of the Dear Leader. Pricing has not been announced but is expected to be set at two head of cattle, four bushels of rice, or your sister.


Is that 2 head of cattle AND 4 bushels of rice, or 2 cows, OR 4 rice OR your sister?

What if you have no sister? Can I trade my Holier-Than-Everyone brother?
I want one!

One problem, I don't have any cattle or rice..... oh man, my sister is NOT going to like this!
wow - it's bright!!!

but i don't think you'd want my sister...smile
You can sure as hell have my sister and the bible whe rode in on too. Hell, take her and give the ipod to anyone you want to. Just take my sister, please.
You changed things around. I'm very disoriented at the moment. What if I don't have a sister or any of those other things. Are you still going to send me an I-Pod?
Sewmouse...it's OR...OR...OR, and no we don' want your brother.

Praguetwin, done! I'll email you a place to send the payment. ;-)

AZG, but isn't that picture of the Dear Leader just the most inspiring thing you ever saw?
PoP, no...no. I get the sister, you get the iPod. I expect you to spend hours and hours with the Dear Leader's speeches.

Julien, sorry 'bout that. I'm experimenting with template changes to make Blognonymous load faster. But about the iPod...no! No beef, rice, or sister...no Internationale!
keep your ipod & i'll keep my sister. she's loud & outrageous & knows every joke there is. vegas blackjack dealer for 21-yrs, she could knock over lil kim & georgie together with one swipe of her well-manicured nails. ~~ D.K.
I spoke with my sister about this, and she said "absolutely not." She refuses to be used as payment for anything less than a 52 inch wide-screen television. However, I have a sister in-law who isn't doing much but sitting around taking up space, watching the soaps and eating popcorn. Will she do?
Ha, send him a Zune!!!
D.K., fair enough, but I just can't understand why Kim Jong-il's complete collected works doesn't turn you on.

Cranky-D, done! ;-)

Frederick. Kim don' like the Zune. Said it reminds him of a cheap russian imitation of an iPod.
If you find anyone with more than one head of cattle or one bushel of rice in my country and I will give you a nuke of your very own. You can keep the I-Pod I have my Walkman.
Chairman Kim, we're honored by your visit. Is the Great Leader offering us a trade?
No iPods, no Cognac...shit, what's a dictator gonna do with all his free time?

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