Should Democrats go nukuler?

Threatening to use the so-called "nuclear option" was good enough for Bill Frist and the Senate Republicans when the it looked like Democrats would filibuster Bu$hCo nominees to the federal bench. Will it be good enough for the Democrats when Republicans decide to tie up the Senate in order to get their way?

Apparently Mitch McConnell (R KY), the minority leader in waiting and a man for whom no hypocrisy is too blatant, doesn't think so. He's all about making threats when he's talking to a receptive audience like the Federalist society, but all his bluster on the subject of bi-partisan cooperation won't get him very far. Senate Republicans spent 10 of the last 12 years sh*tting on their colleagues across the aisle, excluding their amendments, preventing debate, and running committees like tiny dictatorships. Democratic cooperation will last right up until Republicans start their first filibuster, and then the GOP better pray that they can get Joe Lieberman to switch sides before radiation suits become necessary.


Just shows how incapable they are of thinking.
But, moderate maverick John McCain will save civility and debate...[/snark]
jeezus, I go away for two weeks and all hell breaks loose. Joe Lieberman gets elected as an independent, and John McCain is being hailed as a moderate by Frederick. (Not).

Just, let's all get our own Reader's Digest personal-sized thermonukular devices so we can be ready for whatever.
McConnell should be addressing his remarks to Bush. It was Bush who fired the first shot when he renominated those 4 judges the Dems opposed the first time around. Bush is just goading them into a fight.
Going nukuler would go a long way in toughening up the images of the Democrats, imo!
Sure, whatever the hell it takes to stand our ground.
Let's get real here. While the Democrats may be taking control of Congress in January, their ability to control what Bush does is still very limited. If the Republicans want to win another election in the next quarter of a century, they had better get busy and tend to the the utter nonsense being spewed by the likes of Dick "what the people think doesn't matter" Cheney and other Republicans who have not figured out for themselves that although Bush has little to lose by dropping bombs on whomever annoys him, the Republican party has a lot to lose.

Democrats did not put Dubya in office, but they CAN take him out of office, and Bush and his supporters are standing at the edge of the abyss right now. One nuke loosened on the world by his irresponsible and incompetent behavior will not be tolerated by the voters in this country.

Oversight committees are being planned as we speak (so to speak) and if the Republicans do not want to see another Republican president waving goodbye before his term is up, they'd better start paying attention, and cut the crap.
I don't think th nuclear option will work out for the Dems. If they used it, the whole 2008 campaign would be about how the Dems refused to work in a fair manner even after the Republicans had decided not to use it. Won't be totally true, but I have little faith in voters
I, too, have little faith in voters. However, now that we are standing on top of the cliff loudly panting and attempting to shakes the cramps from the two fingers with which were holding onto the edge of said cliff with just two weeks ago. . .I have alot more faith in them than I DID. . . and I think most of them would be receptive to a bit of tough action and blocking where needed.
Bush would be an idiot to try to get those same judges through again...oh, wait, I forgot Bush is an idiot, my bad.
I think that there's another reason that the Democrats won't exercise the nuclear option. Their majority is paper thin, and even though doing away with the filibuster only requires a majority, I'll bet that there are some Democrats who'd vote against it as well. Robert Byrd leaps to mind.
Joe switches and ther'll be an old fashioned lynching heading his way! Now if I knew how to conduct one I might have more details, but I am not the lynching type...until Joey pushes it to the limit...
I know this will make me sound like a real intellectual, but: fuck the Federalist Society and fuck Mitch McConnell.

I think it will be very interesting to see how much the GOP will try and goad the Dems into situations that will make the left look bad. My guess is that it will happen constantly, like many many times. That way, if there are only a couple of times out of more than a hundred where such a GOP strategy works, those two times the Dems did look bad will become the GOP rallying cry for 2008. They just don't have anything going for them right now to convince American voters they can do a better job than the Dems, so they will try to manufacture things to convince the voters.

Let the GOP tie up the Senate when they don't get their way. Heh! THEY will be the party of obstruction then. I like to think they aren't so dumb as to shoot themselves in the foot for 2008 by filibustering any or all Dem legislation. I also like to think there are enough sane GOP Senators that Bush court nominees might not get easy approval, if they can even get approved at all.

Bush still apparently does not "get it" after the election, and if he tries to ramrod right-wing kooks onto the federal bench, his own party might just say "Hey, wait a minute!" They DO need to think about doing things that will make them electable in a couple of years, and "staying the course" by supporting what Bush says at all costs... I just don't think they're that dumb.

Well, I do, actually... ! But that is because I am a liberal elitist.

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