RIP Ed Bradley, 1941 - 2006

You were certainly the best on 60 Minutes and probably the best at CBS. As tough as Mike Wallace, more charm than Morley Safer, with greater longevity and more style than all the rest.

Television journalism is in a sorry state and today is much the worse for your departure.


Nicely said, Kvatch. He will certainly be missed.
Excellently stated. He was a stalwart of Journalism that will never be equaled again.
When I heard this news it just knocked me in the gut. I think that Ed Bradley was one of the best, leaving behind a sad future for what is left of the MSM. I marveled at his bravery, I never heard before his death was reported that he was fighting Leukemia. I will miss Ed Bradley, and for some reason, it breaks my heart that there are no more male reporters with an earring.
I grew up watching this guy and the gang when they were at their peak. He will be dearly missed. To early, to soon.
What frederick said. I always liked him & remember his coverage of the Vietnam War when I was a kid. It is indeed a sad day.
He was one of the best and could do an interview like no other. You actually listened when he spoke because he was asking the questions that you wanted to ask.
Ed Bradley was the kind of television journalist that I think that most people in the biz would aspire to be. There are very few of his caliber left.
wow - i hadn't heard until now...he will be missed!!! he was one of the good guys, of which there are few now-a-days
This is a beautiful tribute.

Thank you for it.
I didn't even know he was sick - so it was a horrible shock to hear he'd died! Guess that's what happens when you're not paying attention... :-\
AZG, Lukku, I know. It was quite sudden wasn't it? I didn't know that he had leukemia, but I knew something was wrong. He'd been getting thinner and thinner for a couple of years.

Ms. Liberty...thanks, and welcome to Blognonymous.
Very nice memorization. He was one of the best for sure. He will be missed. I thought he was sexy...I'm a sucker for beards.
Thanks Sumo. And what a snappy dresser Bradley was too! You could always count on him to have on a very fashionable suit.
Thanks Kvatch. I liked him too.

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