National Meth Awareness Day

President Bush addresses the nation on the evils of methamphetamine.
Do you know where your pastor is?


LMAO - too funny..and having seen some meth-heads on the street -- i can tell you they don't look like this
My that's a pearly white smile...
My that's a pearly white smile...

Ain't it just? The good reverend must have been using some kind of "uber-meth".

AZG, thanks. Maybe Reverend Ted could be a poster-boy for meth. "You too can do meth and look like me!"
overheard on the subway:
"I used to be addicted to crystal meth. Now I am hooked on crystal lite!"

Jay...you're not serious?! :-) Do they even sell Crystal Lite anymore?
I hate the fact that I have to be carded just because I want to stock up on cold and allergy remedies. I'm sure I could use a case of Ny-Quil up be fore it expires next year. Really.
Lew, just as long as you don't up the poster boy like ol' Teddy there.

Hillcountrygal... Glad you enjoyed it!
"I bought the meth but I never used it."

I think that's about as stupid as Clinton saying he "didn't inhale".

Uber-meth! LMAO, that is a term destined to be a classic, I say!
ROFL...OMG that's too funny!
Methinks Pastor Ted is woefully misunderstood. He's not an outed meth user.

He's just a closeted Libertarian.

Hell! He may yet run for a state level office on that ticket! {-;
Tawcan...welcome to Blognonymous. Glad you enjoyed this one. You too Msliberty.

Snave, who would by meth and not use it? That's like saying I hired the gay prostitute but didn't...well...you know.

Michael, right you are. Ted Haggard in '08!
"Do you know where your pastor is?"

Hopefully not behind me!!

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