Mammaries of Mass Destruction

Peacechick Mary gets the coveted, "I made Kvatch snort his martini through his nose," Award for this week. Her proposal for weapon redesign is brilliant!


Sounds like on the battlefield, that those mammeries of mass destruction would lead to mass distraction.
We're all doing our breast to make a change. Thanks, Kvatch
WMD... Weapons of Mammary Distraction...
Doing our "breast"! Hoooooo Aggghhhh!
Tina...you and the Poetryman are probably right, but I had a post about a weak ago named "Weapons of Mass Distraction" so I decided to go with the old standby.

Peacecheck, that post was a gem!

TPM... :-)
The post was awesome!

Looking everywhere for WM-Double-D's

Mike @
String Cheese Theory
Thanks for the link to that one, I had to make some disgusting comments about that post. Peacechick Mary is a genius, with conviction and good priorities. Long may she run!!
Are you kidding? That's a horrible idea. I'd never see my husband, he'd be out picking titty fights with complete strangers.

I do enjoy the puns, though.

Give teats a chance.
Julie...LOL! You're right it would change the whole dynamic of conflict.

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