The Last Word On Robocalls

OK, I've held back on this, but now I've just got to get it off my chest:

Anyone who is so intimidated by a nasty GOP robocall that they choose not to vote, has the intelligence of a doorknob and isn't deserving of the benefits of democracy. The Frogette adds that they're probably looking for a reason to continue stuffing their faces with Doritos rather than getting their fat asses off the couch and to the polls.

There... I said it. (Blame the Anon-Paranoid for this rant. ;-) )


Roger that!! The intelligence level of too many of America's voters is scary!
so true...it's called hanging up the phone...which i have done numerous times...i' hear the recorded message and not even the words and 'click'
I'm confused as to why the GOP would even try such a trasparent trick, and I certainly don't think that it helped them any at the end of the campaign.
I agree with the frogette. The robocalls would only piss me off and make my vote taste that much sweeter!!
I received one last night telling me how the Democrats and liberal judges were trying to steal the election. Pathetic.
Pam, me too, but the Frogette and I long ago went all cellular without listings. Consequently, we're a bit hard to find. :-)

Lew...last night? No kidding? What would be the purpose in that. Somebody's risking a federal prosecution w/out even getting anything for the GOP. Crazy!

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