Kvatch Kvetches - It's About Your Job Stupid!

The FBI wants to start including "non-serious offenses" on criminal-history reports to employers, a move some say could unduly taint people's job prospects and spread misinformation.

Don't be fooled by employers that say that they just want to protect themselves. Don't be fooled by law enforcement saying that this is about providing more complete information. This is about putting the kabosh on civil disobedience by threatening one's future job prospects. It's about controlling citizens and their actions. It's about creating new underclass--unemployables who'll have no opportunities outside of low-pay, low-prestige jobs where one's past isn't examined.

You can move the candy dish just 6 feet away from you, rather than 3 feet.

So...why did Kvatch leave his last job? Well, having to make up his position and boredom were certainly factors, but the biggest factor? Junk food. In other words, a break room stuffed with snacks not 15 feet from his desk. 15 lbs of weight gain in 9 months on the job. Not being able to concentrate from all the snacking. And yeah you can say it's Kvatch's lack of control, but he's got plenty of control when it comes to his flat. Junk food simply doesn't make it in the door. Nobody needs an employer who thinks that candy is the key to stable, happy employees, and this article in Salon has a lot to say about the subtle and not-so-subtle ways that we're encouraged to overeat.


I think it's time we employees get a full criminal report on the employers and the entire management team. After all, we would not want our good name (slightly scratched) to be ruined.
It would appear we're headed back to the vacuum cleaner days (Hover). I can't say as I'm too surprised at this latest, given the semi police state created in just six short years. One more reason why impeachment is not an option - it is a necessity!

I left one last rebuttal re our pollution debate. I promise to leave it alone, until the next time, at least!:)
Everytime something goes wrong at my work, they give us food. Apparently they think it keeps us from asking questions or realizing something went wrong.
frogs like junk food (if it's in reach)? I used to be a junk food snob, but no more. I discovered the hard way I have no more will power than anyone else. And you're right, if you don't let it in the house, it's not there to taunt you at 3 AM.

My experience at work: it was my own co-workers who were big food enablers. especially the home-made cookie queens. no dieter was safe in their presence. god, how I miss those double chocolate mousse brownies. ~~ D.K.
Peacechick...now there's an idea. While we're at it, I'd like full dossiers on the people who invest in the companies that I work for.

TFWY, I actually am sort of surprised. With 40% of employers saying that will not hire someone if they find even the slightest blemish on their record, the motivations behind this seem way too transparent. I'm wondering if this is a dodge for something else.

Me4Prez, food seems to be the great salve. It gets pushed at you from all directions.

D.K., I have had your experience as well, but in Silicon Valley the it ain't work if they don't provide eats seems to be bred out of a corporate culture that says, "they'll work unlimited hours just as long as we keep feeding 'em," and it seems to work...on the 20 year olds. It's us old farts that have problems with that mentality.
I'm still trying to untie the logic behind the practice of not hire someone because of their credit record...how ya ever suposed to get out of debt if ya can't get a decent job?

...and now this.
I'm with Fredrick on this. What the hell does a bad credit record have to do with job performance?
PoP, Fred, or for that matter, the fact that you we're arrested for some stupid minor offense when you were young and stupid.
The super rich get richer; the middle class erodes; the poor get poorer. Sounds like a third world country to me. As for the supersizing of America: I work from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Usually, I eat junk at my desk because I'm too busy to get up. Our company is open 7 days a week, and we are typical of the travel industry. Stress eating and drinking abounds. Americans have the fewest days of vacation of any nation (save Japan, I think); we have the highest levels of obesity and related illnesses. Demanding more work time, and then destroying the available work force because of a bad credit report is a formula for disaster.
like always - they are looking for ways to make us 'behave'...as for sure, the radicals don't need good jobs

they just want us to dry up and blow away and leave all the 'good' addicted-to-prescription-drugs workers who never get in trouble and are too scared to leave their homes at nite they just watch the programmed tv shows and buy the subliminal-suggested products they see there...
Prison, military or border guard. Your choices in the new future. I'm so glad I went and incurred that debt so that I'm now unemployable.

I wonder how much further I'm going to fall behind.
Diva, I feel for you. The temptation of food has driven me away from one job, and I suspect will probably keep me away from others. Since going independant (software development contractor), I've lost 10 lbs, largely through working from home.

AZG, as I mentioned above, I think that this FBI initiative is a dodge from something else, something slightly less drastic.

Deb...if the new draft bill get's off the ground, I could end up in the military, and I'm in my 40's! How weird would that be?
We have lots of oat snacks. Granola bars, oatmeal. We're an oaty sort of office. I can eat oats all day long if I want. But something ought to be done about cigarettes because I gained a ton of weight as soon as I quit smoking and I am NOT happy about that at all.

As for minor offenses and all that, it's just more of the usual bullshit from the increasingly Big Brotherish government. And I don't actually think the Democrats are that much different on this matter than Republicans. The pendulum has swung towards lack of liberty and I don't know that it will swing back.
If all else fails, you can join the Army. I had asthma and bad credit when they let me in.
DBK, never smoked. So that's something I've not had to deal with, but...you sure you don't work on a farm?

Me4Prez...and with Rangel's new proposal I won't have to join, I can be drafted--42 and under, you know!
bad credit = no job ... the hiring assumption there is that if you're facing significant credit / financial issues, you're more likely to be open to stealing from the company, accepting kickbacks from vendors, selling computer hardware on eBay and pocketing the proceeds, or making other sketchy financial decisions. It's not "nice" but it's not completely off the deep end either.

I avoid office junk food like the plague except for the occasional breakfast treat.
I can't be drafted because I already served. Although, I suppose they could change that too since I am a perfect physical specimen.

I even got security clearance with my credit. It wasn't horrible, but it also wasn't good.
Fiat Lux, welcome to Blognonymous. Though there's been a lot of discussion about the credit issue when applying for jobs, I think the real concern of this FBI initiative is the adding of minor offenses to background checks.

Me4Prez, well...Rangel's proposal will never go anywhere, so I'm probably safe, and having had a clearance myself, honesty seems to be the bigger issue for DIS rather than any one item that could cause a problem. I've know some people with very messy personal lives who've still managed to get a clearance.
I guess I knew people a lot higher risks than I was who had them too. It was just funny because they got me the expedited clearance and then did the full process later because they wanted to send me to some testing that noone else wanted to go to right after I got to my unit

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