Kvatch Konsiders - Whose Freedom of Speech?

Newt Gingrich says: ...the country will be forced to reexamine freedom of speech to meet the threat of terrorism.

Kvatch says: The country would be better off if we reexamined Newt Gingrich's freedom of speech.

Thanks to Sewmouse for inspiring me to get this one posted.


I agree with you. If someone is willing to toss out the first amendment, they probably aren't too keen on the others. Especially since they already want to erode protections against illegal arrest and receiving a fair trial
I think it is time to give Mr. Gingrich one of those free airplane rides sponsored by the CIA. Extraordinary rendition! Yeah. We'll augment his freedom of speech a little and then see what he has to say.
Me4prez, but it's odd isn't it. Gingrich used to be a pretty strict constitutional constructionist and defender. What changed?

Richm - I think that Gingrich is going to reap this sh*tstorm for that last speech. Probably do in his chances of running for president.
I try to refrain from using profanities on other folks blogs..but dude..I can not hold back on this.

FUCK NEWT LONG AND HARD. WHO IN THE BLUE HELL IS HE TO TOSS OUR HARD FOUGHT FREEDOMS IN THE TOILET? Just who in the hell does he think he is? This man is the enemy. We can not sit back and allow men like this to righteously speak this type of rhetoric..in our name.

And I am sorry for being crude..but I can't take anymore terrorizing by men like him.
I'm with Dusty all the way. He needs to bend over and grab his ankles and feel a little freedom taken away.
Newt says we need to reconsider freedom of speech before we lose a city. Clearly he doesn't consider New Orleans a city. ("Heckuva job, Brownie.")

But Dusty...how do you really feel? :-)

Sumo, I somehow doubt that Newt is capable of bending over and grabbing his ankles.

Diva, perhaps Newt would like a sliding scale, "Give me these freedoms and I'll protect Louisville...'?
Here's the perfect slogan for the Gingrich '08 campaign: You have the right to free speech (as long as you're not dumb enough to actually use it)!
Poor little washed up Newt...
I am with Dusty--- and I would like to purchase more duct tape to help protect our country....
I like the Comandante's suggestion. Get those GOP loyalists fired up!

TPM, but the real problem is that Newt doesn't seem to know it yet.

E4E! Long time no see! Duct tape--the all purpose tool!

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