Credit Where Credit Is Due

Washington (f-A-ke. P.) -

At a meeting of the Senate Armed Services Committee on Wednesday CIA Director, Michael Hayden, described the violence in Iraq as having reached "satanic levels".

Responding later in the day from his office in the fiery pit, the Great Deceiver said -
I'd like to take credit for Iraq, but really it was the work of my minions Bush and Cheney, and just let me say that I couldn't be more proud. Heck of a job boys!


I thought we were the Great Satan? WTF?
Is that a biblical quote, Kvatch?
Windspike, hey...hey...render unto Ceasar...

TPM, well in point of fact Satan is not very creative and reuses much of his material. So... we Hitler invaded Poland, Satan responded, "Heck of a job, Adolf!"
If only Satan had the same "staying-power" factor that the Shrub does with that phrase.

"Heck of a job, Brownie"
WHAM - Fired.
"Heck of a job, Rummy"
WHAM - Fired.
"Satanic level" incidentally, in Mazlow's Hierachy of Evil, is one step above "John Tesh-ic" but one step below "Cheney-ite"
Does this mean the rapture is coming?
Sewmouse, personally I think that Satan has the most staying power. :-)

LC, didn't you forget "Zamphiroid"?

Libby, already happened...night after the election, but the conservatives were so depressed they missed it.
...Satan is not very creative...

It's more that he's pompously overblown in his ex post maximo* opinion of his rights and morality.

It's His world. Everyone should do it his way whenever there's a conflict. No thought for the others' perspectives.

Considering that there are a whole lot more others than there are any group of sames, Homo S. has gotta continue developin' our intellectual emphasis on morality, from I don't know. It must be GoDevil! to I don't know, so let's try and find out.

We still got a chance to NOT blow ourselves - literally and figuratively - right off the planet. Don't ya think?

...but the conservatives were so depressed they missed it.

LOL! Is that what that was? {-;

* The premise that, because something was once a good idea, it is still, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, a good idea.
The existence of John Tesh is indeed a sign of the coming End Times.
The existence of John Tesh is indeed a sign of the coming End Times.

Tesh huh? I would have said Dr. Phil, but I guess to each his (her) harbinger.

Michael...love that link to the Evil Atheist Conspiracy. Priceless!

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