Carlos the Turkey Pardoned

Washington (f-A-ke. P.) -

Carlos the Turkey With President BushFamed international terrorist Carlos the Turkey, who has been held in US custody at Guantanamo Bay for the last year, was given an official pardon by the Bush Administration today and then left the country on a unregistered CIA flight. Sources close to the President said that recent intelligence indicated that Carlos is a member of the Saudi royal family, necessitating the hastily arranged departure.

House Speaker-elect, Nancy Pelosi, called for an immediate investigation and promised to convene a panel to look into to other 'poultry peccadilloes' in the Bush Administration.

[Happy Thanksgiving everyone!]


It seems that the Liberals have succeeded in helping the terrorists once again...they forced Bush's hand in this, it's obvious!
A Turkey pardons a Turkey. Now there's something different in American history!
Happy Thanksgiving, Kvatch!

That's a priceless pic :-D
Happy Thanksgiving to you, too Kvatch!
He's good at stroking turkeys isn't he?
He's good at stroking turkeys isn't he?

Pretty good at finding turkeys to stroke, I'd say. :-)

And thanks for the holiday wishes everyone.
Hey Kvatch... Hope you are having a great Thanksgiving! =o)
What? He pardoned Carlos?
OMG - was Carlos an illegal alien?
Is this the tip of an "amnesty" program iceberg?


Happy Thanksgiving, Kvatch, and Froggette

May your turkey be moist, your cranberries jellied and your pumpkin pie overflowing with sweet whipped cream.
May your turkey be moist, your cranberries jellied and your pumpkin pie overflowing with sweet whipped cream.

Thanks so much Sewmouse (and you too BHFRIK!). Our dinner hasn't even started yet--in couple of hours with friends. The Frogette made her pumpkin pie last night and will no doubt be devouring it over the next week. (I can't stand the stuff so none for me :-) ).

Hope you all are are having a wonderful day as well.
"poultry peccadilloes"-kudos!

Hope you have a long weekend and enjoy it with people you love Kvatch :)
Too much Turkey...


Happy TG all you blognonomites!

Peace out Kvatch!
I thought Bush promised we'd eat 'em over there so we didn't have to eat 'em over here.
I wanted to write a snappy comment, but I cannot top the ones your fine readers wrote. I love "I thought Bush promised we'd eat them over there so we didn't have to eat them over here," but they were all hilarious, as was your post.

Happy Turkey Day, all, however you choose to spend what is left of it.

I myself have a poultry peccadillo, I am terrified of salmonella, and really avoid cooking poultry. I hope Nancy Pelosi stays off my ass and I don't get tangled up in this mess.
love the picture as well. Happy turkey day dude!
Happy Thanksgiving Kvatch, I've adjusted my blogroll, again. I don't know what happened but you disappeared. I thought Abu Gonzales had gotten a hold of you.
Happy Thanksgiving. Getting out in the neighborhood. I take it Carlos was a Sunni, should have sent him to Iraq.
Heh heh. Dubya's pettin' a turkey.

Hope you and Ms. Frogette had an awesome Thanksgiving!
Hope your turkey didn't fly the coop!

Nice reporting, Frog.

Next on the docket, one Lewis "Scooter" Libby....

(Don't know why I didn't think of that the first time around, that and "Happy Thanksgiving")
I posted a rather incriminating picture of Carlos "paying off" shrub for his kindness on Thanksgiving Day. I think it was snapped just after the picture you have here. . ;)
If I understand this thanksgiving day right, some locals (tr00 Americans) helped some illegal aliens (seconday "Americans") survive some rough times. And what did they get in return? Whiteman (Jamaica accent) took their land and gave them few patches of grass and some casinos. Correct?

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