1999 Report: Outcome In Iraq Never In Question

Did you ever play Risk as a kid? If so, you probably experienced at least one hopeless situation--looking at say a hundred armies across the Bering Staits? Well that was the situation with Iraq. The outcome was never in question, and CENTCOMM knew it--knew it in 1999! Bu$hCo almost certainly knew it as well, and now so do we.

On the eve of the election, you probably don't need another reason to vote against Bu$hCo or the Rethuglicans, but this new report, obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, should be a stake to the heart of the Bush administration vampire. And what does this report say? For starters, the war simulation called 'Desert Crossing' concluded that, even with 400,000 troops on the ground, Iraq would probably end up as a failed state. 400-f*cking-thousand!!! 2.5 times the number we sent. It also predicted the instability of the replacement regime and the exacerbation of tensions with Iran. In short...IT PREDICTED THE WHOLE F*CKING DISASTER! The only things it didn't predict were a megalomaniac president and the terrible cost for America.

So tomorrow...everyone get your ass to the polls and put George Bush in a hurt locker for the next two years!


President Bush could have just listened to his dad and Colin Powell too. Or anyone who actually knew something about Iraq. Of course, none of them got the information from God
Vote for PEACE!!! they all knew years and years ago...all they want is oil

so what happens when it all drys up?
Oh, that was just Clinton era intelligence...
Me4Prez, are you sure that Bush Senior doesn't get his instructions from God? Like father like son...

AZG, it's already drying up. We passed the peak in 'peak oil' a few years ago. We need another solution and quick.

Fred...I get it! It's Junk Intelligence
Whaaat? Don't you all know about the big ol' oil reserves in Alasker and that there Mexican Gulf? Damned Democraps keep blocking us from gettin to it witheir tree-huggin' bullshit ways!

If'n y'all vote for them tamarrah, why we'll all be drivin' them Back to the Future cars 'n heating our homes with WINDpower fer chrissake!

Ha-ell, ah bet supplies of meth and man-ass will even dry up! And pages will be off-limits too! Those po' folks and darkies will stop bein' sent off to die overseas. They'll start multiplyin' like rabbits, next thing ya knows we'll be s'rounded by brown folk here in the goddamned US of friggin' A! Is that what ya want?

Vote like it's 1955!

"I'm George W. Bush, and I approved this message"
I don't think Bush ever played Risk, I think he was more of a Chutes and Ladders type guy.
Disgusting beyond my comprehension. I will never understand how these criminals sleep at night. Thanks for posting this crucial information, every single American needs to see it.
I sure hope this information will sway a few undecided/swing voters. They had this information and tried to keep it hidden. Since this information was obtained during Clinton's presidency, the wingnuts must have figured it was tainted. The very worst thing that could happen to GW Bush is that he might follow advice from Clinton that turns out to be right.
Lew...it's Candyland that was his favorite game!
A few "minor" facts never bothered this crowd at all. After all, "God" is on their side. This isn't a war as we have previously understood wars, this is a Religious War - and all rules of sanity are suspended indefinitely.
I think Tequila Shot Twister was more W's thing...
I'm just sorry I have only one vote, but with luck we can influence many others. Keep it up Kvatch. I'm out in the field today doing all the damage I can.
"I'm George W. Bush, and I approved this message"

Thank you Mr. President. A stirring commentary! ;-)

Lew, as Sumo said...maybe Candyland. Or what about Landslide? Remember that from the early 70's?
Gracie, my pleasure. This came out on Saturday, and I couldnt' understand why it didn't get more publicity.

Tom, Peacechick...I'm hoping it'll sway some votes as well, but like I said above Junk Intelligence is what I'm sure they thought of it.

TFWY, right you are. To quote from Dune, "When politics and religion ride in the same cart, the whirlwind follows."

Sothis, ummmmm...Tequila!
It's almost like that Clinton guy was thinking about going into Iraq. Then he listened to his generals.

I hate to double dip, but Ihave been reading Richard Clarke's book and several others, just to get a good look at Clinton/Gore foreign policy--these guys were very aggressive. Especially Gore. Gore is pretty much an admitted war criminal for some of the anti-terror things he pushed through. And yet the Bush Administration, who couldn't capture Bin Laden if he were in the Lincoln bedroom doing it with Jeff Gannon, get the credit for being such butch badasses.
Funny (not funny like John above :) ) how this report was generated around the same time that bush started his plans for the Iraq invasion- BEFORE HE STOLE THE FIRST PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!

I'm watching him on CNN right now- taped as he and Pickles exited the voting booth:

"Do your duty. Cast your ballot and let your voice be heard."

SA, I suspect Clinton (Bu$hCo as well) had war-gamed just about every scenario on the planet. And BTW...that bit about Osama in the Lincoln bedroom...LOL!

Chuck, I can't stand to watch him, especially with teh reports I'm seeing of how things are breaking down all up and down the Eastern seaboard.
Maybe Bush's favorite game was checkers, using bugs or small animals as the game pieces.

In Woodward's book, generals estimated it would take at least 300,000 troops... so, not only are they waging two wars basically on what amounts to doing it on credit... like they think they're doing it for free... they are also cutting corners! What a bunch of dorks make up the Bush administration.

Of course if you're an Armageddonist (like Dumbya), you don't really care about anything except ramping up Middle East tensions so the rapture can happen sooner... that is, if your own whacked-out interpretation of the lunatic ravings of John in the Book of Revelations says that is how the world will end. Making Iran mad and making the Middle East worse will help those few who really deserve to see Jesus to see him much, much sooner. Any other approach would suggest to Dumbya that he isn't doing his job.

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