10 Years From Now At The Bush Presidential Library

Curator: Welcome to the George W. Bush Presidential Library.
Patron: Thanks.
Curator: How can we help you?
Patron: I'm interested in researching the period just before the Iraq War.
Curator: Uh...well...we might have some menus from state dinners in 2003.
Patron: ??? -- State dinners?
Curator: Yeah. Everything else is classified you know.
Patron: Everything?
Curator Everything. Though I think that we may also have a copy of 'My Pet Goat'.

Thanks to Libby for the inspiration and to Romunov for that last bit.


he's gotta have some comic books we can see -- that aren't classified...at least the ones where he didnt come up with his ideas for war with - grin

oh and yes i know what that means..


looks like a vax from utexas


Patron: Haven't you got anything more meaningful?
Curator: Beware the sneaky twizzler strike on your way out.

~~ D.K.
Most of us will never get to see this Library anyhow, what with it being located in Saudi Arabia and all...
Don't you mean the Halliburton-KBR George W. Bush Presidential Library? Gotta plug that corporate sponsorship, you know.
Won't there be a room devoted to torture methods used during his term in office. I bet no other president has one of those in his own library.
AZG - Nope all the comics are classified because the Neocons use them for war strategy.

D.K. :-) :-) :-)

Michael, Saudi Arabia...Waco (Baylor), practically the same to me. I still can't understand why Bush is talking about SMU? Baylor or TCU seem like more natural fits.

Betty, indeed. How about the Exxon-Mobil Bush Presidential Library?

PoP, nope...there was no torture. The Prez said so.
You reminded me of this, which I had quite forgotten about: "First 10 books ordered for the "W" presidential library....
Presidential Library suggestions:

"Bush think tank"? Oh, yes, one marked "women" and one for "men" - both handicap accessible with porcelain
chairs and private rooms. Oh, and hot and cold running policies.

The library contains the comics sections (with Doonesbury and Opus cut out) from every newspaper.

Experience the interactive "swagger" exhibit. Learn to swagger, spit, & scowl like a Texan even if you're
from the Northeast States.

Snack bar run (down) by Halliburton. If you have to ask how much something is - you can't afford it.

Gift shop... Army surplus flak jackets on special today. Buy one for someone you love.

No, sir, that is not a sculpture in the entrance plaza, it's the first car Duhh-bya binge crashed.

The flyer (written by Cheney & Rumsfeld) says you'll get a flowers and parade greeting upon arrival.

There was no plan for exit doors so once you're in, you're in for at least 5 years.

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