You have reached Blognonymous. I'm sorry, but no one is available to do any blogging right now.

We want you to know that your clicks are very important to us (even if you're from Faux News). So please leave your comment after the tone, and Kvatch will get back to you just as soon as possible (Sunday).


Is this Pappa John's? I thought this was the number for Papa John's...
Yo, Kvatch, we're having a kegger on Friday. I know you're busy bro, but you don't want to miss this one! Call me homie!
I dig the sunglasses.
I had to open the page. This was so funny and creative. I hope I remember to come back.
So please leave your comment after the tone
How come I gotta wait until after the tone? I wuz here first, dammit!:P
my comment is -- people wake up and smell the war ship approaching the iranian blockade...

that's far more important than what they want you to hink about the republician pediphile...
You know, I'm thinking they might go after North Korea.
I am really sorry about last night. I had a little too much to drink and um, you know. I think you only need a shot or two to get rid of it
those were the days, Me4Prez
God, I hate answering machines! They always cut off, right when I'm in the middle of s....
Funny...One and all...Did I miss a party?
(click) (click) Just my two clicks worth. . .

Oh, sorry - wrong blog.
So much Bu$hCo perfidy to bash, so little time...
Hello?... Hello. Yes. this is A FAUX News bully and I'm calling to inform one Kvatch Blognonymous, who I assume is of Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Middle Eastern and unknown origins, that he has three days to comply with O'Reallys demands or feel the wrath of a falafel (a deep-fried ball of ground chickpeas seasoned with onions and spices, often eaten in pita bread with lettuce and yogurt or tahini sauce.) upon your ass! Stop calling the station and demanding to speak to Jack Meoff or Ima Bigidgit or we will keep our falafel promise! Got it, Kvatch?

With kind regards,
Bill Oreally's assistant.
HA!HA! TPM. That's hilarious!

Now where's that frog?
I have it on good authority there are sleazebags on Capitol Hill. Please call me back on a secure line for details...
Bwahahahahahah! :-) You guys are a hoot.

Been on vacation--well actually, I'm still on vacation--but now I'm somewhere where I've got connectivity and can do some posting.
I resemble that remark. Too busy watching the jets buz our fair city?

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