Tyrants of a Feather

Another break in Blognonymous' ongoing 'Parade of Traitors' series...

Spiffy uniform aside, anyone want to guess the difference between these two men?

Well, they both have (had) the power to make you disappear for rest of your life, beyond assistance from your family, your lawyer, or the courts. The man the right though, likes secret prisons. The man on the left preferred to drop people into the Pacific Ocean.


The sharks almost seem a better choice over either.:)
Spiffy uniform aside?!?

Please! In my humble opinion, W looks spiff-o-licious in a codpiece-proud flight suit (suitable for aircraft carrier landing, state of the union addresses and campaign stops!)
The man on the left also knows where the Pacific Ocean is
My traitor post is up!
TFwY, the shark analogy is an interestin one. There's blood in the water now...and the Republican House leadership is the chum.

Rex, so true. I should have used the flight suit picture. Ah hindsight...

Me4Prez...welcome. Yeah, I know. Scary isn't it.
Yet Rasmussen reports that LYING bag of shit on the right at 41% approval...

Good contrast (or is that similarity?) Kvatch.
Nice pictures. Is that Bush on the left? I'm always getting those 2 mixed up.
Is it; one of em listened to George H. W. Bush when he gave advice...the other didn't?
Funny, I'm only getting one picture. I think my computer is rejecting all domestic dictators... but I've been thinking about the similarities for a while now.

The big difference is Pinochet didn't pretend to be a nice guy.
Chuck...what does Rasmussen know? Bet it's closer to 31%. I'll bet even Pinochet had 41% approval. ;-)

Tom, Bush is looking a little jowly these days, isn't he?

Libby...when the chips are down, neither does Bush.

I only see one until I slide over (at the bottom).

Kvatch- yep.
Brilliant Frog!
George wishes he could wear a spiffy military uniform. We all know how much he enjoys playing dress-up.
Comandante...yup that uniform he had 3 decades ago was a real snoozer--more ribbons, more medals!

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