Senator Norm Coleman (R MN) Is A Traitor

Let's start with the basics: Norm Coleman is opportunist who uses whatever means are available to get ahead. As a moderate Democrat mayor of St. Paul in 1996, he saw the way the political winds were blowing and switched parties. He's a philanderer with chicklet teeth and televangelist hair. And, let's face it, Coleman wouldn't even be Minnesota's junior senator if it weren't for the tragic death, 11 days before the election, of former Senator Paul Wellstone, perhaps the only true populist of his generation. Trailing Wellstone by 9 percentage points when the Senator's plane crashed in northern Minnesota, Coleman ended a relentlessly negative campaign on the spot and played the sympathy suit while the Democrats consumed themselves with grief and missteps.

Norm Coleman is a nothing whom Minnesotans should be ashamed of--doubly so now that he's also a traitor! Coleman's Oath of Office reads as follows:
I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.
Norm Coleman made himself an enemy of the Constitution when he voted with the majority on S.3930, a bill that places the President above our founding document and makes him accountable to no one. So by extension, Coleman is an enemy of the United States. He has betrayed his state and his country. He is a traitor.


Yes, he signed on as a party to the unlawful, unconstitutional power grab and for that, he should be shipped to Iraq and dumped someplace outside the green zone. Whack!
Not Norm's first sign of gutless party pandering. He is also known for backing off twice from investigating Australia's wheat crooks and the cash they paid to Saddams regime. Then he gets all uppity becuae his father gets fined for having sex in a public place. Norm's loyalty is oibviously to Norm, in the end.
He had to get on board with the right party - the one that feeds a culture of corruption.

P.S. Kvatch, take a look at my poetic post for today. given your propensity for verse, I would love to have you feedaback on it.
Peacechick, Cartledge...I've been of the opinion that Norm Coleman is a tool for a while now, and it sickens me to think of whom he replaced.

Windspike...I'll pop by a bit later.
Hey folks?

While the "TRAITOR" posts are great, and I plan to do my share with Colorado later this week (month, quarter and Fiscal Year end closing is a bitch) - but I have a thought.

I think we need to "reward the positive" as well as "Condemn the negative".

How about all of us with Senators who voted to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States - how about we all send a thank-you note to them?

In fact, I'm planning to send a handwritten snail-mail thank you note to both Senators Durbin and Obama. Thank you for being a good American. Thank you for representing me. Thank you for voting in favor of our country's Constitution.
Hey Sewmouse, that's a great idea. I'll do both emails to my senators, my congresswoman, as well as a post on the subject.

Thanks for the suggestion.
I like this series, great idea. (Don't forget the Dems who signed)
I'm ashamed that one of Michigan's two Democrat senators voted for this. She's up for re-election, but that's no excuse. I am composing an email to her right now.
Thank God November's almost here!
Fred, I'm limiting myself to senators from TX, MN, CA, and VA. If I did them all, I wouldn't finish before the election--not to mention the fact that you all would stop reading Blognonymous altogether. :-) No Dems in that crowd. So I'll have to depend on others to do the Democrats.

Lew, how about a post about her (see Fred's comment)?

John, you said it. Won't help us with Norm Coleman though. He doesn't have to run this year. Though I suspect that he'd lose if he were running.
Wellstone to this asshat!! Life just ain't fair!!

Gonna try to get a traitor post up tonight or early tomorrow.
I loved Wellstone and he was the one thing that made moving to Minnesota from Colorado sound good. (Sorry, but I lived at the base of the Foothills and liked the view.) He would have lost to Wellstone and I could have gotten past his wankerness, but he debated Mondale like Mondale was a jackass and Coleman's only points were that he knew Bush and was mayor during the Clinton years when the country was doing well. I don't care who runs against Coleman, I just hope they crush his will to live
Pam, Me4Prez, Wellstone's loss was particularly hard for those of us who were there during his first Senate campaign. It really reminded you that decent, motivated people can really make a difference. I'm on board for crushing Coleman.
I was in Iowa for his first campaign but followed it because I had heard of him and thought he sounded good. One of my favorite books of all time is "Conscience of a Liberal" and I wish they had published this.
He's a philanderer with chicklet teeth and televangelist hair. LMAO! It's the teeth that got me in the end...heh!
Me4Prez...that's a pretty cool link. Thanks for posting it.

Sumo, glad you enjoyed it. Coleman realy looks to me like a televangelist. I'm expecting him to heading a megachurch in about 20 years. Course he'd need to stop being Jewish first. Perhaps a 'mega-shul'?
A philanderer? Where is the proof? Big talk but just talk.

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