Rumsfeld Says, "I hear voices."

God Whispers In Rummy's EarOK, it really was one of Rumsfeld's generals, and what the guy really said was that Rumsfeld is inspired by the Dev--I mean--by God. Nontheless, this has got to be the scariest notion I've had to grok all week.


Shall I make Man in my own image? Sure!
Will I divide the light from darkness? I suppose so.
Some firmaments are less firm than other firmaments, which by all rights ought to be called infirmaments. But you go to Creation with the firmament you have, not the firmament you wish you had.
Will I rest on the seventh day? Gee willickers, yes!
Alternate caption:

How about:

"Iraq?! I said North Korea you boob!"
I know. When I saw that this morning, I whirled around in my chair and walked away from the computer. Incredible.
you say heaven, i say hell...but it all depends on if we believe in either. But regardless, it's not good if your secretary of deffense is hearing voices.
I keep thinking of that line in the movie, The Name of the Rose where Remeggio admits to the Inquisition that he's been inpsired by the devil.
Well that's the biggest crock I've read so far this week.

No wonder the benevolent God is letting all this pain & suffering continue. He's so busy counseling the regime he doesn't have time for the rest of the universe.

Its a good thing he has a co-overseer in duh-bya.
Who was the military guy who threw out the "Our God is an awesome God" line? I actually saw that as a bumper sticker this week!

My dentist is looking forward to repairing all the damage from the grinding. . .
That's funny, when I made God some sushi today, she claimed she had never spoke to any one named Rumsfeld, and that no one named Rumsfeld ever spoke to her. I wasn't going to argue, because she's a good tipper.
if there was a god- i would hope that he would strike this man down already. hopefully, while he was standing next to pat robertson.
Sweet Jesus... after reading that, I honestly am comtemplating becoming an atheist.
If God is directing Rummy (and Bush, too, since he claims a "higher" father tells him what to do) who knew God was such a massive fuck-up?
What can we call it? Divine catastrophe?
One of the "flock" supports The Leader. And the base just devoured another piece of red meat. Get used to it, I'm afraid. It's the silly season.
Chuck, imagine how much effort it takes for the Almighty just to explain things to Bush and company in language they can understand. She's probably exhausted.

John, don't know. I haven't heard that one before, but after hearing the Joint Chief's remarks, I wouldn't put it past him.

Lew... :-) :-) :-)
Betmo, I'm all over that. Though if Robertson gets "smote" his sycophants over at the 700 Club will probably claim that he's some kind of martyr.

Tina...I don't think that it's God talking in their ears. Maybe someone else we're all familiar with...

TFWY, is that all there is to it? Invoking the Almighty purely for political purposes? Say it isn't so.

"Rummy, this is the ghost of fuck-ups past. Time to pay the piper."


If Rummy has to talk to a deity couldn't he at least have chosen a competent War God. Ares, Odin, even Morrigan (the cute one) would have been a better choice. If he'd read the Bible he'd know that this one just doesn't know a whole lot about war. He always seemed to let get Jerusalem sacked.
Now I've heard it all (I hope). I knew I shouldn't have poked my head out of the studio.
Looks like the brass have all taken the blue pill. I highly recommend it. Makes life simpler and...shiny.
I'm reminded of the Roger Waters song, "What God wants -- God gets -- God help us all."
Mike... but when Lord, when?! When't karma going to get Rummy?

KightErrant, damn straight! Though you know the Old Testament God is bit more wrathful. It's all that turn the other cheek stuff that's the problem.
Mary...certainly gave the willies, I must say.

JuBlue, what we need here is Mr. Smith to unleash some whup-ass on Rummy. "One of your lives has a future Mr. Secretary, and the other does not!"

Libby, true...but can Rummy understand? "No really, God said to 'invade' Iraq! I swear."
I wrote about it too...you were nicer.

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