The Rhetoric of Election Fraud

The Unsinkable Ship of StateGet ready. It's started with Karl Rove but will soon spread to all the administration shills. It will increase in intensity, becoming more and more prevalent the closer we get to November 7th. "What?" you might ask... The rhetoric of election fraud, of course--Republicans laying the groundwork for a narrow electoral escape.

You see, the GOP can't count on the MSM to bail them out as it did when Kerry lost in '04. No sir, the MSM is out for blood. So Republicans are taking a different tack. They're referring "their polling" and "their research" Conservative pundits refer to "their audience" and the Americans they've been talking to, a "shadow America" where values still matter. For example, here's Karl yesterday on NPR:
I see several things. First of all, unlike the general public, I'm allowed to the see the polls on the individual races. And after all, this does come down to individual contests between individual candidates.

And second of all, I see the individual spending reports and contribution reports. For example, at the end of August in 30 of the most competitive races in the country -- the House races -- the Republicans had $33 million cash on hand and the Democrats had just over 14 million (dollars).

Forget that what comes out of King Karl's mouth is bullsh*t. He only needs to deflect the inevitable charges of election fraud, needs to make the victory seem plausible. Remember that as far as the GOP's concerned, there's no fraud if there's no investigation, but it's a dicey strategy because all hell could break loose if evidence of tampering (probably programmed breakdowns of electronic voting machines in key districts) shows up.

It's going to get ugly this time.


I heard Rove on NPR and immediately though he was laying the groundwork for stealing some elections.

I wonder if "we" are going to let him get away with it this time?
How much more ugly can it possibly get, Frog? Seriously? They've eliminated The Writ of Habeus Corpus with the Military Commissions Act; they've shredded the first amendment; they've stolen two Presidential elections.

My experience yesterday: there were eight touch screen machines. FOUR were not working. I waited an hour to actually get to a machine; and, like most people, it took me 30 minutes to vote. Several people left before they turned in their form to vote early. I have no idea if they will return.

Rove skews the message, with the very telling phrase that he can see polls that the general public cannot see (like Nixon's secret plan for ending the war in his jacket pocket). People who are more concerned about who will win "Dancing with the Stars" or "The Bachelor" will go "Okay, Karl knows" and boom. There goes the election.

And if we do not take back both the House and Senate, in 2008 there will NOT be an election.
I'm sorry Diva. I wasn't trying to be flippant but was referring to the nastiness were going to see after the election is over. I agree with you, and in fact it was your experience that convinced me that the "fraud" that we'll see doesn't even have to be as sophistocated as actually reprogramming a machine to output a GOP friendly result. No...it will be as simple as jiggering the machines to crash in key democratic strongholds because all the GOP really needs to do is surpress turnout.

Pam, indeed! I hope we won't but the courts are notoriously deaf when it comes to issues of "disenfranchisement" voters. Though they sometimes hear challenges before elections, after elections is a very different story.
I thought there was a law in place to allow us to vote no matter what. If we feel the machines have broken down and kept us from voting...we should have an alternative...such as putting our vote on a slip of paper inside an envelope and simply putting it in a box with a qualified person standing guard. I've gone the route of absentee since 2000. I think they will cheat...pure and simple. I'll be shocked if they don't.
We should rise up and demand no machines for our votes.
Someone needs to remind these people we still have a democracy and the rights of the voters to have a say overrides their desire to impose their beliefs on the majority of the people. And if the majority of the people decide they want a change, suck it up, pack it in and hit the road.
Hubby and I recieved our Absentee ballots yesterday and we photocopied the ballots before mailing them in this afternoon. Will it make a difference? Who the hell knows? But at least we have some form of proof on paper on how we voted. But when Blackwell-- Bush/ Cheney/ Rove's professional fluffer-- is the guy overseeing our Ohio votes, we are fully expecting to be bent over YET again.
Tina...OMG...you get the "I Made Kvatch Snort His Martini Through His Nose," award for today!!!! "Blackwell...Rove's professional fluffer" Bwaahahahahahahaha...OUCH!!!

Sumo...you're right and usually it's by "provisional" ballot, but those who leave the polling place in frustration are out of luck.

Lew, no argument from me, but they need to be taught this lesson the hard way, I think.
Cheers, cheers, my friend.

This whole thing is not about the votes, it is about the counting, and the counting ain't over for a long time, unless we are will to snivel in the corner for yet another rip off.

Not me, my friend. I encourage all to take the protests to the streets, organized or not.
What a good idea to photocopy the ballots. Thanks Tina, I wouldn't have thought of it.
Hmmm...photocopying the ballot. Bet that will piss off a few polling-place workers in my district. I mean these people got pissed when I brought my Palm into the voting booth. (It had my positions on each of CA's bazillion ballot initiatives. Makes the voting go much faster.)
It's going to get ugly this time.
As well as habit forming. Until we get ALL electronic voting out of the ballot box, and vote as we SHOULD, it'll be the same story. The streets, and carrying something a lot more powerful than picket signs are our only hope left. And the second we hit the streets, you can plan on the military hitting us. There's plenty of room to get uglier..(:
"It's going to get ugly this time."

Of course it is...I mean, Hillary IS running for re-election!
"there's no fraud if there's no investigation"

Damn right and they've got 2000 & 2002 & 2004 to back that statement up.

Great post Kvatch. I hit this subject hard today too.

And yep, the fluffer comment got me too. Those hilarious Ohioans! :)
Hey Tina, great idea! I just scanned my absentee.

Lew...I'm afraid that they're just not going to "suck it up." The power has gone to their heads and as Karena put it:

"Not me, my friend. I encourage all to take the protests to the streets, organized or not."

Olbermann quoted Stalin during one of his pieces:

"The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything."

Scary thought!

What's even more scary is that it might be the reality this country faces in 12 days.

I had a similar thought when I heard Rove's spin on the polls. The lying sons of bitches are at it again.
TFWY, I've got no objection to electronic voting, but there must be an auditable method for recounts. Numerous experts in the field have proposed methodologies that would work. It's just that it's not in Bu$hCo's or Diebold's best interest to implement them.

Chuck...thanks. Like Betty Cracker my thoughts on this went immediately to "Uh oh, their preparing to steal the election," the moment Rove opened his pie-hole.

Mike, it is a great idea isn't it, and Olbermann/Stalin is right. Our problem is that we're letting machines do the counting with no way to check up on them.
A little follow up on this:

I just read something on The Brad Blog that addresses this issue. There's documentation of actual vote-flipping on people that voted early, in a couple of instances. Here's the link"

If anyone thinks we're not in a war for our right to vote among other things, PLEASE PLEASE look at this story.

Karl Rove is a blight on our country.
"You're saying, in fact, the top three issues for the GOP this fall are the war on terror, the war on terror and the war on terror?"

Bwaaa ha ha ha.... Called his doughy butt on the carpet.
Oh! It's gonna get uglier than Rush mimicking Mike!
It's gonna get uglier than Bushes incompetent grammar!
It's gonna get uglier than a Halloween carnival!
It's gonna get uglier than this; my uneven stammer!
It's gonna get uglier than a face burned by phosphorous!
Suffice it to say it's gonna get ugly and before and after.
Mike, thanks for the link. Personally, I make a point of trying to keep up with Brad Blog's excellent coverage on voting issues. But more to the point, I think that everyone should take a camera with them to the polling place, and if you encounter any shenanigans whatsoever...document them with photos!

Julien, it seems to be all they have, doesn't it?

TPM...ugly, ugly, ugly. And when it's done being ugly. It'll be ugly some more.
In our congressional district, Republican Greg Walden has outspent his Democratic opponent Carol Voisin by some truly obscene margin, I'm looking for stats but not finding any so far. In a more local race for state representative, the GOP guy has a funding lead of something like $800K to $25K. That's 40 times as much as the Democrat...!!

Sometimes I think it does just come down to the money, but other times I really do have to wonder. Electronic voting machines scare the bejeebers out of me...
Snave, there is really only one thing to do about electronic voting machines (actually any voting irregularities)...document, Document, DOCUMENT!!! Take a camera, take a video-camera, record your vote. If you vote absentee copy your ballot. If there are lines, broken machines, whatever...document it!

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