Readin', 'ritin', and 'Rithmatic In Bush's World

Before this war is over the US government will have spent at least $600 billion dollars (and that's being charitable since some estimates put the figure at almost a trillion). Money that doesn't exist--well OK it does exist, but only because it's been lent to us by our creditors. That works out to $2,000 for every man, woman, and child in this country.

But what does this mean for us, the taxpayers?

Well for starters, assuming that we'll need...oh say...a hundred years to pay it off at the fairly modest interest rate of 3.5%, then that $2,000 balloons to about $65,000! In other words, $650 per American, per year for the next 100 years! Are you a family of four? Then it's $2,600 a year for a period that may as well be forever. And how does that money figure into the national finances? Debt service, funds sucked out of the treasury before they can be used for anything else. And to make matters worse, much of that money, more than 50% in some cases, was wasted, dumped straight into the coffers of companies like Halliburton.

So every time you pay your taxes, thank Bu$hCo for that $650 surcharge, remember to multiply for each member of your family, and then ponder all the good things that money won't be doing. Call it the Bu$hCo Special Democratization Tax.

Have we had enough yet?!


Yes, let's mortgage our children's future for a totally pointless war with no objectives and no exit strategy. In the meantime we can crow about how good the economy's doing because our defense contractor friends have already earned enough to pay their fair share, and would have if they hadn't just received a tax cut, while the burden for paying for this war slips onto a slowly vanishing middle class who also are the ones providing the cannon fodder that is being used to grease the wheels of the big corporate death machine.
As they destroy the atmosphere, as they build unnecessary fences along the border with Mexico, as they destroy Iraq, all in the pursuit of their own personal wealth, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Rove are laughing at the rest of us.

I voted yesterday, on a touch screen. I will be away on election day, so went early. It took each voter about 30 minutes to vote; people will leave, out of impatience. Low turnout will help the Republicans. It's exhausting.
The poll this morning that said a majority of Americans weren't concerned about losing their civil liberties really frosted me. I have had more than enough.
I've grabbed a snippet - linked back of course. Hope you don't mind...
Man, it gets my goat to know that Republican voters would stand in line for twenty four hours in a driving rain storm with no food or water to vote, and because the can out last a populace twice their size, maybe more, they get their vote in. But they already got their tax cut, so I guess they break even.
so hey

it wasn't wasted - that money!

it went to support baby bush's good old boy network...come on now!

that was moeny well spent!

tongue outta cheek now
Ah, so but the W assures us that he's not in favor of new and even says that he cuts taxes....Aw, shit. He's tricking us again to lay down more money on the Iraqi craps table. when do we get the payoff for tossing the right dice?
Diva, Frederick...the disparity in relative pain of voting--cities vs. rural areas, Democratic strongholds vs. Republican strongholds--is an ongoing problem that can only be straightened out by national standards. Unfortunately, as with redistricting, you never want the "other" party to set the standards.
Lew, out children, and our grand-children, and our great grand-children...

Cartledge, as always...I'm honored.

Debra, makes it sound like they just misplaced their civil liberties doesn't it. Whereas in reality, the Republicans took them...like a mugger takes your wallet. "Gimme or I'll let Osama kill you."
AZG, I'm sure that's somebody's perspective. :-)

Windspike, it's a stealth tax!
What about the 700 miles of border fencing? Sounds like another Halliburton contract is in the works.
Kvatch, you treasonous liberal!!! HEhehehehe Great post.

Oh yeah, I can afford to pay for what may become known as Dubya's Folly, because I am made out of money, just like all the rest of Americans are. I eat money (the bills contain lots of fiber!), breathe money (because a lot of my money evaporates) and I shit money (my crap is used as currency in many nations around the world). In fact, next time I sit on the toilet, I will collect that money and send it to Washington D.C. After all, if they insist upon shitting on all of us, we should find ways to do the same, back at 'em.
Also, yes, we could call it the Bu$hCo Special Democratization Tax. I think another good name for it might be the Bu$hCo Special Demoralization Tax... !
Hey Porchwise...long time no see. Well...the border fence is irrelevent until Bu$hCo funds it, which they haven't.

Snave, me a "treasonous liberal"? I'm hurt! :-) Thoough I have to say that I like "Demoralization Tax," as well.

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