Parade of Traitors

So you thought the Patriot Act was bad. Well your senators and representatives just gave away the show! S.3930, the Military Commissions Act of 2006 is a Constitution busting nightmare that places the President above our country's founding document. The Senators who voted for it are traitors, and we're here to shine the light on them.Please help us expose all 65 senatorial traitors, and if you have a post let us know (comments or email) so we can include a link.

Updated 2006/10/04, 8:50a PDT

A lot of great bloggers have been doing a lot of great posting on this travesty, and I thought that I should list them here:And finally, The Station Agent takes a suggestion from Sewmouse to heart and publically thanks Rep. Kucinich for coming strongly against this bill--something we should all be doing!


Thanks for the link, Kvatch. The media in Michigan took note of Stabenow's vote and they're none too happy. They're calling it a political stunt to diffuse the GOP's claims that Dems are weak on terror, and I have to agree that was probably her motivation. I'm sorely disappointed in her - and everyone else who went along with this.
Great teamwork! I made it around to all the sites and it's wonderful to see everyone pitching in. Goooooo Kvatch!
Thanks for linking all the posts together. I just added a clicky link on my traitor post.

It was very cathartic, kvatch! thanks for letting me play ;-).
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Hey Kvatch...

First of all. This is a great blog.

I posted a story to my blog yesterday which was all about the 65 Senators that voted for the MCA.

Anyone needing to see the information can go to"
String Cheese Theory for the list.
Froggy, I would like to offer the name of a piss ant Rep from Ill, Ray LaHood. As a pal of Denny's he is most likely a traitor. He is also a moron, speaking up to blame the temptations of systems such as the Page set up as being at fault, not the poor representatives who can't resist temptation.
Off with the heads of these spineless creatures!
I did a post too on the shredding of our Constitution by these Traitors.

You can read it here. As usual there are many of us who feel like you do.

God Bless.
Cartledge, sorry for the late reply. Been on vacation...

Anyway, there are a lot of Reps who deserve mentioning here. Unfortunately it's far too many to delve into.

Anon-paranoid...welcome, and I've added your post to the list. Thanks for stopping by.
Thanks for the link kvatch. I meant to thank you and got distracted by all the good links. You know, one blog leads to another and another....

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