Old Dirty Tricks Are The Best Dirty Tricks

A compendium of lies, slander, and election shenanigans:

An ad by the Republican National Committee (RNC) in support of Senator Mike DeWine (R OH) falsely accused DeWine's Democratic opponent, Sherwood Brown, of tax delinquency. Even after it was demonstrated that the "delinquent" bill was paid in 1994, 4 months after being filed, the RNC refused to pull the ad.

The National Republican Congressional Committee is running an ad in NY-24 that accuses the Democratic candidate, Michael Arcuri, of billing taxpayers for calls to a phone sex line. Though both candidates repudiate the ad, the NRCC has refused remove it from the airwaves even after it was demonstrated that the call was a mistake (a dialing error on similar numbers).

The campaign of Tan Nyugen, a Republican running for the House in California's 47th district, was nabbed as the source for a letter mailed to Hispanics threatening them with arrest for voting in the upcoming election. Despite being called upon to end his candidacy--by his own party--Mr. Nyugen plans to stay in the race.

And finally...a pitiful example of desperation. Republican gubernatorial candidate (and current Ohio Sec. of State) Kenneth Blackwell--a man so ethically impaired that he sees no conflict of interest in disenfranchising the very citizens who might vote for or against him--has resorted to slander in order to try and save his dismal campaign. Having already accused his opponent of supporting NAMBLA, Blackwell then achieved a new low by accusing Ted Strickland's campaign of hiring pedophiles--turns out the man in question had criminal record for exposing himself to a minor but that the Strickland campaign didn't know it at the time.

When combined with the non-stop din of conservative pundits wailing about the end of the world as we know it, Republican desperation starts to stink like stale sweat. Their end is near.


I once offered to go work for the Democrat dirty trick squad. As it turns out, they don't have one (or so they claimed).
Blackwell shaves a few points off with every new trick, and he just can't figure out why.

Ken Blackwell is bat-shit crazy. I would think there couldn't be any more doubt of it.
Troll Watcher, sort of sad that. Isn't it?

Jollyroger...welcome. No argument from me. Everything that I read about the guy seems to point to the fact that the man is a loon.
Don't get me started on Arcuri.
My favorite one is the guy who emigrated from Vietnam in 1973 who sent out 14,000 letters to immigrants saying they'll be arrested if they vote.

That takes a special kind of conceit to do.
Ken Blackwell is someone we must remember to kick around long after his political career is over in a couple weeks.

I wrote his name on my hand.
These dirty tricks will go on and on and on. It is easier to rig those diebold machines when you suppress the vote.
R-bE, I know. Can you believe that, and even after it was demonstrated that his office sent the flyer, he still denies that they did it.

Fred...do tell. What don't I know about Arcuri?
SA, right you are. My list is going up my arm! :-)

Karena...well it certaily makes the result look more plausible when the vote "flips"!
Then there's the dirtiest trick of all: Hillary Clinton's opponent is now saying she used to be ugly.

That's desperation.

(Missed you the other night, btw.)
thanks for this..keeps my hopes up that we can actualy start to make a change!
Re: Arcuri

Dear Readers
Tom, I heard this from the Frogette. Surreal, but I guess this is what we should expect from now on. "I accuse my opponent of having...[gasp]...plastic surgery!"

AZG, you're very welcome!

Fred, thanks for the link. Got it, and I totally understand.
You think that's bad? I watched Kay Bailey Hutchison on hi-def during the debate. BBBBRRRRRR!!!!

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