Nancy Pelosi, The New Bill Clinton

Pelosi - New GOP BogeymanJames @ Genius of Insanity recently posed the question: Why does Bush appear so relaxed, so confident in the face of almost certain disaster? Well, setting aside the fact that Diebold may snatch victory from the chads of defeat on behalf of the GOP, consider this...

Republicans are really in need of a new bogeyman. Though Bill Clinton has filled that role admirably since he left office, the electorate no longer listens to GOP protestations that everything from global warming to Paris Hilton's CD is Bubba's fault. But if the Democrats actually manage to secure the House in November, the GOP will come down on the new Speaker, Nancy Pelosi (D CA), like an avenging angel, and that's why Bush continues to smile. He knows that Pelosi won't move to impeach him. She promised that back in May. The GOP knows that they can immediately blame Democrats for congressional inaction because Pelosi is the perfect target: She's a woman (and therefore an acceptable Hillary substitute); she's a liberal; and she represents the district that Republicans love to hate, the City of San Francisco.

Bush doesn't need a plan or even a pl--. He'll have Pelosi and will try to coast till 2008.


He looks calm because the elections don't matter. He has all the power he needs as of this morning and he will begin to use it against anyone who stands in his way. I know people don't believe this but we are one order away from a police state. All he needs is for a few cities to follow it and voila, welcome to the New Amurica. Those wackos militias might end up being the only organized defense we have.

The destruction of America started quietly but it will end in either bloodshed or without a whimper and I don't know which, both suck.
Kvatch, you're right about the fact that that is what they're thinking, but I think they might be in for a surprise here. It's hard for them to smear people now that they have no cred with even the most politically removed citizens. Fox's ratings, Right wing radio ratings, right wing blogs are all diminishing. Nancy could do okay, but they will try.
SA, all the Republicans need right now is a target that isn't as worn out as Clinton. They have to reenergize their own base in the run up to 2008, and the Kitten Biting Republicans won't care whether the GOP has cred or not. That said, Pelosi certainly deserves her turn as speaker, but I think that the Democrat party might be better served with a mid-western progressive in the speakership.

Debra, indeed. I saw that he'd signed the "Constitution Buster". We'll soon see how he intends to use it. Uggghhh!
Three weeks out and all eyes are on 2008. Will an attempt at impeachment cause a Republican resurgance in 08'? Cutting funding for military expiditions? I feel a set up coming on. After all, there's a sucker born every minute...can you say contract with America II!
Advice to Democrats

My friend Leandra sent this blog entry to both the DNC and to the local moderate political talk-radio station.

She was actually called by a producer and interviewed on the air about it.

Having read Nancy Pelosi's "My first 100 hours" goals, I'm almost tempted to think she read it!
But Kvatch, I see where you're coming from, but don't you think that using midwestern moderates is reinforcing a broad frame that Democrats really can win inside of. If Nancy Pelosi, as speaker, can make the country love her, then that really shakes things up. We do have to get the country not to be afraid of liberals anymore.
Fred...there won't be an impeachment, but it won't matter because, as you suggest, I'd put bets on a CwAII!

Sewmouse, I read the article but am not sure that I agree. The enumeration of the partisan attacks is interesting, but I don't like the legislative priorities. More on that tonight.

SA, I didn't suggest a "moderate". I'd actually like a real "fire-in-the-belly" progressive dust-bowl style, but the important thing is to get someone from say...Oklahoma or maybe Kansas. The Dems have a chance at a viable "Western strategy" if they can demonstrate an affinity with western notions of independence. I just don't think that Pelosi can do that. Kind of academic though, in the end. She's gonna be the Speaker, and that's all there is to it.
The best thing for the Republicans would be the Dems taking control of the House and Senate. Then they could blame all the problems from their control on 2 years of Democratic control
I think that because a change in House and possibly Senate leadership will represent the public's desire for change in Washington, the Democrats will need to change their leaders. The picture of Pelosi with a "kick me" sign is too sadly true to be funny.

The once was a leader, not fancy,
And everyone knew her as Nancy
She turned up the whine
But alas, had no spine...

Is this one worth finishing? Heh...

I think Barack Obama would make a good, positive, inclusive Senate majority leader. His message tends to be a thoughtful one, one of tolerance, and of acceptance of all comers. The Democrats need someone who is not aggressively anti-right, but someone who can lead by example, and show all of America that "values" are not the sole property of crazy fundamentalist right-wingers. Obama would do this, possibly well enough that he could be elected president in 2008.

Then I think they ought to pick a Southern moderate Dem to lead the House, and let that person use his or her influence among other moderates and among Southerners. Let the Democratic House leader speak... with a Southern accent!! That would confuse a lot of Republicans, but hey, it would also prove to them there are Dems in the South too, not just in the Northeast and on the Left Coast.

I like having Dean as the head of the party, until he speaks without thinking first.
What if our Nancy was just funnin' with them...and she'll go along with the impeachment proceedings siting that she doesn't recall that she said anything like that. That's what they deserve...to sweat it out a while and not know what their future may hold for a time.

Snave, like the limerick, but I think that you should change the first line:

There once was a leader named Nancy
Who came on a little too antsy.
She turned up the whine
But...alas, had no spine
For policies most thought too fancy.

Sumo, wouldn't that be something...

Reporter - Madam Speaker, will you impeach the President?

Speaker Pelosi - What? I can't hear you.

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