Kvatch Kvestions - TSA's Notion of Dangerous

So I'm back from vacation, and on yesterday's flight home it occurs to me that TSA is a totally reactionary organization that really has no idea of what constitutes danger on an airplane.

Let's recap: Edged tools of all kinds--from knives to box cutters, razor blades (even prepackaged ones), eating utensils, and even the little screwdrivers that you'd use on your eye glasses--are right out. Your shoes are being scanned. Liquids--from lip balm, to cosmetics, to water--are being confiscated. But apparently 12", pointed, steel knitting needles are not a problem. Either that or the woman in the seat in front of mine knew somebody at the TSA checkpoint.

Guess TSA is waiting for the day when grandma jabs those needles into a flight attendant's neck as she lunges for the cockpit door!


eating utensils FYI: that is in "cattle car" only. In first class they are (and have been since three weeks after 9/11) eating off real china with real knifes and forks, and drinking out of real glassware. Call your airline and pretend you want to book a first class flight. And yes, they are about as disconnected as you can get, but considering the leadership they get......it's a wonder they find their way to work. I make the trip from here to the left coast a couple times a year, sometimes more. It's gone from a pleasant event to look forward to, to a horror filled, dreaded "must go see them." "It's ten times as hard to fly now, so it must be safer!" seems to be the general opinion.
It is obvious that the Bush rule by incompetence is active in all areas. Guess they will get the "point" very soon - Come November!
Wow! I'm surprised they let her take those on board. My friend had to throw hers away when she flew back in June.

I hope you had a nice time on your vacation. Did you go anywhere exciting? I missed your post that said you were on vacation, but I wondered where you've been. Abi has been absent from his blog too. Did you go together? ;-)
Welcome back. They won't pierce skin but I bet they could go right through an eardrum into the brain. But the real ridiculous part is no matter what they do to the passengers, the plane is still full of uninspected freight.
Kathy, actually I was in TFWY's neighborhood.

The Frogette and I made a trip down the South Carolina/Georgia border, Clemson, Abbeville, Edgefield. Stayed a couple of days in Aiken. Then 4 days in Savannah before heading back to Atlanta for a day...then home.

TFWY...no argument from me. Flying becomes more and more burdemsome every year.

Libby, admittedly I'm ignorant on this issue...but isn't cargo and baggage scanned before being loaded?
I think that Checked baggage is scanned randomly rather than scanning ALL of it, which is why forbidden "cabin" items are allowed in checked baggag. I mean they figure no access to it in flight so no worries.

As for knitting needles - i'm very surprised by that as well. i've had a few friends have theirs taken away, be they aluminum or wood. And while yes, they won't pierce the skin (unless driven very hard) they can poke out an eye etc. But so can your house keys, etc. Anything can be a weapon in the right hands, and so the TSA is just going insane b/c they feel so useless they need to feel usefull. I have friends this year, rather than wait for checked baggage etc, have shipped EVERYTHING to their hotel for their vacation, and are only taking what they need for their 20 month old baby on as carry on...
I have had my issues with TSA. My contention is that the screening that TSA does when it hires a new grunt they do very little to determine the character of the smarts of the new hire.

I made the mistake of putting things in my luggage that were too shiny to resisit. Since 9/11, I have had an expensive pair of sunglasses and a digital camera lifted from my bags.

I am not saying that ALL TSA agents are untrustworthy. But I am saying that these people really don't get it at all.

I usually travel with some expensive camera gear, which I always carry on. More then once they have wanted to examine the contents. I don't mind that at all.
What they don't appreciate is someone saying, "Hey guys, please be careful with that stuff." I have gotten dirty looks when saying that, so I just look them in the eye and say..."really careful."

They also don't like someone watching their every move when they eyeball something, but ya know, it's my stuff, and nobody can tell me that I can't watch out for my investment.

These people really have no idea of how to do their job properly. The attitude is more "guilty until proven innocent."
i'll remember that the next time i fly - grin

and fyi - i believe these BS rules and regulation are bogus ways to try and control us...
Ilanna, Mike, as with all things TSA, what is scrutinized more carefully or even confiscated, seems to be up to the inspectors at a particular airport.

I had a small screwdriver set (for eyeglasses) confiscated by an inspector at SFO who pocketed the item as I was leaving the security area. I was so angry I almost marched back and confronted the guy but was in danger of missing my flight.

AZG, I wouldn't try it. :-) Don't fly and knit! They might put you on some kind of list.
That's Subversive!!

Remember Madame Defarge...

I wonder if I can fit "Donald Rumsfeld" across the width of a scarf?
That is hilarious. It reminds me of the early post-9/11 days when they were confiscating nail clippers...then serving meals with steak knives on the plane.
Or better yet, some young vibrant muslim looking gent grabs granny's needles and stabs the pilot to death on your flight....

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