Kvatch Konsiders - 'Cut and Run' or 'Hold and Pump'

Despite what Democrats say this election season, even if they take control of Congress on November 7th, they won't end the Iraq War and bring our troops home. They can't because Bu$hCo has no intention of letting them.

I mean...why does the administration so doggedly stick to the mission in Iraq? Oh sure Bush may consult with the generals from time to time, but that doesn't mean that they're going to change strategy. Rummy, despite all his bungling, is still the Secretary of Defense, right? And let's face it, Bush is about as interested in democratizing Iraq as he is in reading Clinton's biography. And what about stopping the horrific sectarian violence? Nope. Again...no interest. In fact, the Iraqi bloodbath serves Bu$hCo's purpose by keeping the attention of the press and of the public away from the real reason we're there: To secure Iraq's oil. Moreover, when a country's population becomes mobile as it has in Iraq, the US gets an opportunity to shift local allies to areas where the real work, pumping and processing, goes on.

So in the end calling Bu$hCo's strategy 'Stay the Course' is really a misnomer. What it really should be called is 'Hold and Pump', and this is exactly the rhetoric that we're now hearing from the administration: Forget democracy, just keep things from getting out of hand.


i like that - 'hold and pump'

and i think you hit the nail on the head...baby bush blew his chance when he mismanaged his own oil company in texas..what make anyone think he can do better with an entire country??
'hold and pump'

That's a bit sexual for the heartland to take too...
AZG, Fred, never thought of the other meaning of "hold and pump". LOL!
With the amount of "feces hitting the Westinghouse" of late, Bush is pulling this most recent rabbit out of his hat (or is it his ass?).

As you point out Kvatch, "stay the course" is no longer in the BushCo vocabulary.

Bush was interviewed a couple of days ago by George Stephanopolis (sic). In that interview Bush stated, "We have never been, 'stay the course' George."

As you put it, it's "hold and pump."

I suggest that the American people should Not be Fooled by all of this when they vote on November 7th.

what, you don't think Clinton's bio is on his nightstand along with Camus and 3 shakespeare's? now I feel bad I've never read it either! Re: cut & run ... while i don't think the necons will ever cut, they may be running like hell pretty soon. down to paraguay or any non-extraditing country that has opted out of the int'l criminal court. ~~ D.K.
Mike, Bu$hCo's rhetoric is changing on an almost daily basis now, but that's nothing compared to what we're going to see after the GOP loses the House and Senate.

they may be running like hell pretty soon. down to paraguay or any non-extraditing country that has opted out of the int'l criminal court.

D.K., is that what that 100,000 acres is for? I was wondering about that. ;-)
...and pouring good money after bad in the form of disquised taxes: after all, what is increasing debt but defered taxes on the future of America?
kvatch, the 100K acres is just the tip of that little escape hatch. I was going to refer you to a Wikipedia file note that sent me on a long freaky trail of weird connections last Tues, but it's no longer there! Fortunately, the "Resistance Intelligencer" blog (I don't know how to link it)


posted Oct 17 "Bush set to flee prosecution, readies refuge in paraguay" that includes that wikipedia (purged) note. I realize this isn't the subject of your post today, but worth your time if you don't suffer from acid-reflux. The week after the paraguayan senate hinted it may not renew the non-extradition resolution that expires in December, Jenna Bush is despatched to spend time with the presidente, supposedly while she's attending a UNICEF conference! She should be back by now, but I haven't heard any follow-up to her vaunted humanitarian efforts down there, have you? Geo HW already has a huge estate down there. Cheney, Rumsfeld & Kissinger have been rooting around (paraguay has HUGE natural gas fields & the largest underground water system in the world that is just begging for a hydropower development). Oh, and now under the guise of terrorist prevention, we are training their military in "crowd control". Do you smell an argentinian-type nazi-redoubt?
They never were stay the course, as the reasons for our military involvement has evolved since the original invasion. First, it was "Saddam has WMD". When that was proved to be a fallacy, they went to "Saddam, 9/11 and alQaeda". When that was disproved, then they switched to "bringing democracy to Iraqis", and now that is dissolving, we have a "strategy for victory" without ever defining what they mean by "victory".
Windspike, well your portion of the war is now...what...about $1500.00, as is every man, woman, and child in this country, all deferred to those future generations. Hope they appreciate it.

I'd actually heard that acerage from, let's see, Tina (Fuzzy and Blue). Didn't believe it at first, but now that you've filled me in with the natural gas field part of the puzzle...yup...makes sense to me.

Lew - Victory, n., suck the last drop from the ground in Iraq.
Now, Lew, it's, "We’ve never been stay the course."
Not only the oilreserves...that's always been a given...but those jokers need a middle eastern base to use for purposes of war...or possible war rather. If they leave as we all would like them to, that leaves the US without a stategic stonghold there...and Israel isn't a good enough area to use...besides them not allowing it anyway. Being there and Afghanistan gives some leverage to support an army on the edge of the sanity of the middle east.

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