Heartland Hypocrisy

Evangelicals are making themselves heard: The Foley scandal doesn't mean that they're going to stay home or...god forbid...switch parties for the midterm election. No indeed, they're going to hold their noses and vote for the party of endemic corruption because the GOP still represents their values.

Does it bother conservative Christians that the House leadership covered up Foley's behavior for as much as two years and are possibly even criminally liable for their conduct? Apparently not -
He [Foley] tried to keep it quiet from his family and his voters. He is responsible for what he did. He is paying a price for what he did. I am not sure how much farther it needs to go.

Ron Gwaltney, Norfolk Virginia
Interestingly the evangelical focus on personal morality rather than collective responsibility isn't a position that they're willing to extend beyond their own party. We can all remember the bitter condemnation that was heaped on Democrats for daring to defend former President Clinton's excesses.

So, in the end, we discover that hypocrisy is alive and well. It's living in the heartland, and it's exactly the same kind of "...he may be corrupt, but at least he's from our party" hypocrisy that conservative pundits have been tarring liberals with for years. Guess we really are all more alike that we'd care to admit.


To add hypocracy to hypocracy: They say they judge "the person and the act" when it comes to Foley. Yet, were the tables turned, we'd be getting painted with the bush of sinners, one and all of us.

I think we read the same article. Further on, some idiot says "I don't approve of homosexuality."

Dear God! Even the pet rocks are voting, now!!
I don't know, brother, looks like the GOP is holding off the second coming. Not good for the polling, eh?
Are they okeedokee with the war too?
Where's the Rapture when we need it?
I do keep wondering if they will be able to hold their noses & vote for a democrat. After these last 6-yrs I don't think I'd be able to cross party-lines (thanks to the great uniter). Maybe the best we can hope is for the disaffected, discombobulated, dissatisfied repubs to stay home Nov 7. And hope there are many!

(ps, this is just me, D.K., playing around with an "other" name. Perhaps I got a little too close to big lightning storms during my recent vacation. And I see you've been commissioned? Hope it's going well) ~~ D.K.
I heard he was a Democrat anyway
I think we read the same article. Further on, some idiot says "I don't approve of homosexuality."

TFWY, I think that this is what the issue is turning on. Perhaps if it was young female pages and Foley wasn't a homosexual, they'd feel more connected. As is they can just shout... "DEVIANT LIFESTYLE!"

PoP, they probably are. After all, it's in the interest of the coming rapture for the Middle East to descend into chaos.
SA, that article is a great find! The GOP must be shaking in their boots now.

D.K., don't think so. I bet there is no crossover at all. The best we can hope for if for western Republicans to stay home. The evangelicals won't.

Praguetwin, indeed! That was the Faux News ploy! :-)
The unchrist Christians have all jumped on the North Korean nuclear thing like it's their lifeboat. They are all yelling that if we don't bomb them to smithereens, we will never get God back. I'm serious. I witnessed this conversation this morning. They were wildly out of control. Just a heads up. They will pump this up no end before the election even tho their savior Bush didn't want to be bothered.
I showcased this very same NYTs article in my post today, too. But my fav quote from these clearly mental cases that make up Bush's base is this one: David Thomas, said that the scandal only reinforced his conservative Christian convictions. "That is the problem we have in society. Nobody polices anybody. Everybody has a 'right' to do whatever." Oh... I see. The REAL problem is that we're not POLICING anybody. And of course... those damn pesky civil and human rights.
did we relaly expect anyone to change?

come on - get real...people are wearing blinders...

i say we just ignore them - - and hopefully they will go away...
Unbelievable! Take away the Foley scandal and the Republicans still don't have any accomplishments to hang their hats on, but they do have a long litany of failures. They had more than enough time and it's time to oust them out.

I'm a Christian Democrat and I'm voting against the corrupt, war mongering, self-serving policies of the Republican party.
Peacechick...please tell me you're not serious. I haven't seen anything about that, but my access to news is limited. What's the reason?

Tina, what I can't what I mentioned in the title, the naked hypocrisy. The GOP is screwing these people into the ground, fiscally and philosophically, and yet they're still going to vote for them. Just goes to show that propoganda is everything. Faux News has probably gotten 50% of the Bush base believing that Foley was a Democrat.
AZG, not going away I think, at least not until after the election. Sort of like gas prices.

Kathy, and have you noticed how the Republicans are making unsibstantiated charges that the Democrats manufactured the scandal? Every time a Republican is asked to produce the evidence, they reply, "Well...prove that the Democrats were not involved!"
Jesus said "Sin is OK if it was committed by someone from your own party or clan." Well, he didn't actually say that, but that seems to be the Christian Right's philosophy.
Desperate jokers all of em'...
Ain't the world small? Ain't it? I mean forgive and forget your party is in the bible somewhere...right? Forgive and forget your party? No. That sounds as silly as the actual verse. Ummm... Forgive your party, forget the rest? No. Well shit! I know there is a verse regarding the party!
O! Wait! Sorry. My bad.
That's the Martha Stewart Holy book of Party Foods... The verse or article is titled, "How to Entertain Twelve or More Christians When You Only Have Two Pages and One Cornish Hen"


Carry on...
Station Agent, that article proves that there are still large numbers of idiots alive and well in our great nation, roaming the streets and spreading their street-crazy "good news". Brother, can you spare a nuclear warhead? Arrrrgh. Nuke a gay communist baby seal for Christ!!!

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