The Five Stages of Republican Grief

As we watch the GOP disintegrate over the Foley scandal, we clearly see the five stages of Republican grief:

Denial -- Don't blame us. We didn't know.
Victimization -- OK we did know, but Foley lied to us.
Minimization -- What's the big deal? It was just a few naughty emails?
Deflection -- Oh yeah...you should talk. Clinton got a blowjob!
Redirection -- It's all an election year plot by the Democrats!


...And the universally employed: Just make shit up.
I love the "Clinton Got A Blowjob" defense.

It always strikes me as being somewhat... envious.
I love the "Clinton Got A Blowjob" defense.

My favorite, as well as the most non-sensical, is the last. Hastert brought up the 'plot' thing on Rush Limbaugh yesterday. The man must really be desperate, and if the Republicans know what's good for them, they'll come down on him like an avenging angel.
All the spin surrounding the Foley scandal is simply mind-blowing. I'm both fascinated and disgusted.
Oh, don't make fun of Denny Hastert. He's just a rube from downstate Illinois. He's gotta come up with something, and where he comes from, people just can't say "blow job" in public settings.
And now FAUX news is claiming Foley is a Democrat. Three times they showed his picture with (D-FL) under it.

The LIES just get more and more blatant with them. I don't understand how ANYONE can watch that swill without vomiting.

Great play on Kubla-Ross' stages of grief kvatch!
love the five steps....
What a great defensive outline. Oh wait...Republicans don't need to be defensive about anything. You're right- its DENY EVERYTHING.

BTW- did you all see that FOX has solved it all for the Republicans? They simply changed Foley's party affiliation to DEMOCRAT! And that is NO JOKE! I'm serious!
Whoops! Pam- SORRY. I didn't see your post.
And now FAUX news is claiming Foley is a Democrat. Three times they showed his picture with (D-FL) under it.

Chuck, Pam...did you actually see this on the boob-toob?! I checked Mediamatters and they haven't picked it up yet. That's exposive--clearly malfeasance!

AZG...thanks. I read elsewhere, SFGate I think, the suggestion that we build a "border fence" around House Republicans. :-)
Hey Kvatch...

RE: Clinton/blowjob, et al.

Might be that Foley has gotten one or two...or for that matter, given a couple.

Well, it was just a thought.

String Cheese Theory
Those five stages are great! So appropriate!

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