Do all Democrats look alike as they get older?

While taking a short break from our 'Parade of Traitors', Blognonymous poses the question: What is it about Democrats that, as soon as they leave the presidency, they all start to look alike?

Is it that shockingly white hair? That look of smug self-satisfaction?

Or perhaps it just a perception--the fact that they don't go into hiding after their presidency is over like Nixon (a crook), Reagan (a senile fool), or Bush Sr. (so boring you're glad he didn't stay on the world stage).


i think it is just southern democrats who have dedicated their lives to the betterment of their fellow man. gore looks like both of them now too.
I think they age pretty damn well, actually!!
I hate to quote Bush, but the Repubs can run, but they can't hide - the fact that they are aging criminals.
Betmo, there's no question that the Democrats remain engaged after they leave office. Republicans seem to think they've reached the be all and end all.

Pam, Carter certainly did. Clean living?

Peacechick, Bush has really aged--pretty rare for the Republicans. Though with Reagan how could you tell.
I just love that perpetual smirk on Slick Willie's face.:) Remember the night before his impeachment vote? Everybody said he wouldn't dare go to the hill and deliver his state of the union address? Sargeant At Arms: "Ladies and Gentlemen!! The President Of The United States!! I was on my feet in front of my TV, clapping, cheering, and laughing so hard I thought I was gonna pee my pants!:) You could just hear the ***holes squeak on the wrong side of the aisle, as they tightened up! That was a pair 'O biggin's, kids!:)

His sex life could have used a bit of touching up, tho..(:
I think Bush is hitting the bottle too hard of late...hence the look...and OMG! his hair is a freak show. Whatever is he going to put in his presidential library? Pictures of row after row of flag draped coffins?
Bush Sr. is still plenty active on the world stage. He visits the Saudi's regularly and keeps very close tabs on his Carlyle investment.

But yea, it does seem like a pattern. How about Ford? Did he just fall into a ditch or what?
His sex life could have used a bit of touching up, tho..(:

Or at least an injection of better taste. (OMG! Did I say that with my outer voice?)

Sumo, Bush is looking haggard--much more so than his Republican predecessors.

Praguetwin, I have to say that, since I completely forgot Ford, your observation is very demonstratably correct!
i like what peacechick had to say - they can run

but not hide!!
i think that bill's sex life was active enough. you don't have to look at someone when they are... oh- family show. sorry :) hee hee
Clinton snuck a female intern into the White House. .Bush snuck in Jeff Gannon. Perhaps hypocrosy ages one prematurely?
Betmo...this...a family show? What blog do you think you've travelled to? :-)

John...and the House snuck in Rep. Foley. What does that say?
John - LOL!!!
Does anyone else see a resemblance between that picture of President Carter and what John Edwards might look like 25 years down the time road?

And LMAO at John Good!!!
Chuck there is no question that Edwards has that wide smile and cherubic cheeks. Bet he looks just Carter in 20.
I think they have the same Southern hair and the same photo arranger. I think you have to know how to do the "smug self-satisfaction" look before they'll let you run for office...

I never trusted Bush Sr. He was simply too boring. Even that puking-on-the-Japanese thing wasn't enough to resurrect his moribund public persona. We all speculated at the time that he must have been getting away with some simply spectacular abuses of the Constitution - why else keep a court jester like Quayle as his VP?

Alas, W is the jester...

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