Bush Signs His Own Pardon

Bush Signs His Own Pardon


J-o-r-j-e B-o-o-s-h, right?
After signing that, Bush tossed the Magna Carta, on loan from buddy Blair, in the loo and took a poo.
Oh my fav Frog..I love your pic :) Since the Asshat in Chief has issued a record 750 signing statements, I am sure he will do one for this as well.
I can't believe it took him so long. How long has this thing been sitting on his desk?

Look at the smug little look on his face. sickening.
no wonder he's so happy...asshole!!
I think that it's very ironic that the only way to get at Bush now, at least on the issue of human rights violations (torture, etc...), is for a foreign country to go after him. With the exception of impeachment, he's now insulated from charges resulting from his conduct as President. Is 'retroactivity' great or what?
C'mon people! He did sign that in the names of the 9/11 dead. How much more patriotic can the guy be???
hurl... gaga... vomit.
And hmm... Bush did just buy up nearly 100,000 acres in Paraguay... maybe he's planning to hide out in South America to avoid arrest like so many Nazis did after WWII?
I did not know Crayola made fountain pens.

It can't be legal just to sign "X", can it?
He looks like the perfect gangster. He thinks he's got it all sewed up and look at those puppets clapping! Sick.
Hey Tina, is that Paraguay comment for real? Off to hinterlands for the Kowboy Koward?

Mr_Blog... they do, but it's a bitch to keep them from gunking up.

Peacechick, indeed! He's a happy camper.
I still reserve the right to join the SECOND American Revolution and take back our country. That being said, in spite of news like this, I think his downward spiral and ultimate demise is now unavoidable. FAR TOO MANY citizens are now fully awake, pissed off, and ready for change.
Der Fuehrer Bush can now only pay for his War Crimes is if another signing member of The Geneva Conventions actually holds up the Law as has him arrested on their soil.

We now have a full blown Dictatorship and I'd like to Welcome you all to Amerida the Fourth Reich.

Our whole Government is Guilty of Treason and are also War Criminals. Our only hope is that the rest of the World Stands up and removes this insane madman from power, while at the same time arresting all those complicite in War Crimes.

I too now under the new Torture Act can be arrested and labelled an Enemy Combatant. So can anyone who speaks out against Der Fuehrer Bush.

God Help Us and God Bless all.
Un fucking belivable...did you read the text of Tony Snow's press briefing....holy shit. These guys are getting away with murder..and that's not an understament and nothing figurative about it. have a look at my location for the fun transcription slices.
I doubt he is ever going to pardon himself for agreeing with himself... I think he agrees with himself that far too often..
John...what we need is an electorate that actually tells the politicians that they're full of sh*t and votes their sorry asses out when they don't get things done. Not exactly the revolution as I think your envisioning it, but a revolution nonetheless.

Anon-P, if not enough people choose to vote absentee..."Got Help Us," indeed!

Fred, well said! ;-)
Windspike, haven't checked in yet, but I will momentarily.

Snave, does that mean that he didn't need a signing statement on this one?
I got my absentee papers today...yay! I am ready to sock it to them buggers! Uh yeah...today was a bad day for democracy.
We are all screwed now. Well and truly screwed. See you all at Gitmo.
Sumo, that's a very good idea. Here in Babylon by the Bay we don't have the Diebold Republi-vote machines, but everyone should be cautious.

Well and truly screwed. See you all at Gitmo.

Generik, does this mean that the Barbarians outing on Thursday is cancelled? (Wouldn't want a bunch 'o uppity l'bruls doing any plotting, you know.)

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