The Breathtaking Stupidity of The GOP

I don't normally reference YouTube vidoes, but this time I really must. In this segment from Countdown with Keith Olbermann, former Attorney General Ashcroft asserts that Bush can and should be trusted not to abuse the unprecedented authority he's obtained through Military Commissions Act of 2006.

But what Ashcroft, and indeed the entire GOP, conveniently ignore is the fact that Americans must now trust every succeeding President with unconstitutional authority. If fact, even if The Deciderer imprisons no one, tortures no one, some unscrupulous latter day President will.

In order to make their President look tough in the short term, congressional Republicans and fellow travelers like Ashcroft have acted as the mid-wife for tyranny in the United States.


I wonder if that includes those of us on the 'internets' that speak less than sweetly of our dear leader? By speaking out against the administration...we are aiding and abetting the enemy...thereby we are appeasers...and you KNOW what that means?!!! So I guess we are Gitmo bound...and I hope to meet some of you guys there...I just hope the food is decent and we can play outside.
What more could you ask for? Sandy beaches, a Carribean breeze, Cuban food, and don't forget the mojito's!

I might suggest Olbermann's commentary from last night, regarding Habeas Corpus. MSNBC video is available, but it should be floating around YouTube in a few hours! :)

Might I also suggest looking at my post from about 20 minutes ago.

Mike @
String Cheese Theory
Ashcroft just seems so is incredibly naive.

Though I'm using hyperbole in the title, I can't really believe that congressional Republicans didn't think this through. I mean, do they really want Democrats to have these powers?
They know this particular law will be overturned once Democrats are back in charge.

Their long-term plan is to:

1. push the envelope
2. get away with it as long as they can
3. never admit defeat, even when it's overturned
4. learn the lessons of what they can get away with so that next time they are in power they can push harder, for more, faster.

They basically plan to create an ongoing series of facist Republican governments followed by short-term counterbalancing Democratic governments (where most BUT NOT ALL of the facist crap is overturned) followed by increasingly facist governments, until they finally can take over power permanently as they believe they are meant to do.

These people think long term. This is only the beginning for them. The are relentless and they are shameless. The Ashcroft's of the world are just pawns - fools who will repeat the justifying arguments of the day no matter how ridiculous.
yes - second what anonymous said...

watched them carefully when regean was in 'power'

all they did was re-group and come back stronger...

scary shit!!
Buncha goddamn Stalinists
So we are supposed to take the word of a guy who was so offended by a topless statue that he felt compelled to order it covered up with an $8000 "veil" on this issue of BushCo chucking Habeas Corpus aside? No thanks...
Please tell me Ashcroft's not going to start singing again.
Even tho this law can be overturned by the Supremes, or even recinded by Congress, the "trial balloon" has been floated. "How much will they put up with?" You are 100% right. Future Presidents may have this capability at their hands, and even worse (if that's possible) can very easily expand upon it. Anonymous gave a very insightful assessment, imo.
Anon, AZG, I agree with the GOP desire to push the envelope, but I don't actually think that Democrats will bother to repeal the MCA 2006. They're too lazy and too scared of successfully being tagged as soft on terrorists for that.

Frederick, nope. Different than Stalinists. Stanalists were smart, or at the very least cunning. The dumb ones were killed. Ashcroft is neither.
Tina...what you said! :-) Ashcroft is a piece of work. Fortunately for us he's no longer on the national stage.

Lew, what? You don't like stirring patriotic ditties?

TFWY, what I find interesting is that Republicans would pass knowing that they're probably loose in 2008. Are they that confident that a Democratic president won't abuse the authority?

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