Biometrics Before Beer

The UK is preparing to roll out mandatory fingerprinting of pub patrons in an effort to nab trouble-makers and control alcohol related violence. Wait a second--WTF did I just write? The Brits are actually gonna make you swipe your finger before you get served and supposedly, if you're on some kind of blacklist, they just...what...refuse to serve you? Call in the police to cart you away?

Sweet mother of George Orwell! What can they be thinking? I doesn't occur to these paternalistic loons that blacklisting offenders might simply force them to head to other towns? Or worse, force them to stay home where they can drink all they want and then beat up on their spouse, their kids, the dog?! I knew that the whole surveillance thing was getting out of hand in Britain, but this...

In related news, people are starting to get nervous about a fingerprint-controlled future where slicing off your digits might be the easiest way for a criminal to get what they're after.


This isn't f-A-ke. P is it?! It's easier to fake or alter your finger prints than it is to alter a driver’s license, ijits.
It'd make me think twice about downing a few then smashing up the neighbors lawn ornaments.
That dark future that used to be written about in works of fiction is becoming reality.

We don't have "thought police" yet, do we? I might have missed that.
The Discovery Channel's Mythbusters have discovered a less bloody way to break fingerprint security.

Step 1: Get the target's fingerprint.
Step 2: Photo enlarge the print.
Step 3: Enhance the fingerprint, use a laundry marker to darken all the lines and swirls.
Step 4: Photo reduce the print back to finger size.
Step 5: Transfer the fingerprint to latex. (Steps 3 thru 5 are similar to how a microchip circuit is made.)
Step 6: Put the latex copy on your own finger so it has a pulse and body temperature.
Step 7: Well, that's it. You've beaten the system.

True, cutting off the victim's finger is easier. It is scary easy to bust these fingerprint security systems.

Dan Brown in Angels and Demons figured out how to beat retinal scanners. Just kill the target and cut out his eye.
oh - my - god...

nice thing about the net -- is you can find numerous way to beat the system

This is proof of a little pet theory of mine. When you have a professional government, one that meets and allegedly works every day, they eventually make all the laws that are necessary but, with nothing but time on their hands, begin to make laws that are unnecessary in order to solve problems that are not really all that serious. There are, after all, laws to deal with troublemakers in pubs already, I presume. This is why, at some point, all the legislators in developed countries ought to be told to just go home for at least 9 months of the year and then they can have three weeks to propose something genuinely worthwhile or they'll have to go home again for another month. And so on. At the end of the full year, they go home for 9 months again.

Personally, I was always troubled by the way people objected to legislative gridlock in the US. I have always felt safer when the legislature was not making laws.
I suppose if you are on the black list,you could cut your finger tips off so you can get yourself a beer.

The whole opperation seems a bit drastic to me.
I like your theory dbk, but the brits are a bit of a mess themselves. They have plenty of stuff to fix. Like sending Tony Blair to the Hague.

Man, I need a drink.
I also agree with DBK. This seems to be a clear case of "what paternalistic law that we really don't need..." can we pass today. But it's all the more serious because they're going after alcohol. That's one step above regulating sex between consenting adults...oh wait...

To arms!!!
The thing that makes this SUCH a huge concern for civil liberties Everywhere, is that it gives the Shrub one more thing in Europe to point at sayin' "See. Now how is what we're doing that bad?"

America ain't Europe*, but there's plenty of potential for us to take on the worst of that continent's political uglinesses...

* and the Rethugs used to gloat over that fact! {shakin'head}
DBK, I think you have something there!

If the Brits decide to do such a horrifying thing to their people just so the people can get beer, than by God, we need to invade their country, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity! Whoa, wait a minute... Ann said that. What was I thinking? 8-)>
I'd like to think there would be rioting in the streets if they tried this in the US.

Now I'm not so sure it would happen.
Praguetwin, rioting in the US but not in the UN? Who likes beer better than Brits? (Well...maybe the Irish.)

Snave, well said. Let's convert 'em to our brand of Christianity--snake handling and speaking in tongues.

Michael, that's a good point. I don't want Shrub taking his queue, or his rhetoric, from the Brits. Things are bad enough as it is.

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