"As the Iraqis stand up, I will stand down."

Baghdad (f-A-ke. P.) -

General George Casey, US military commander in Iraq, said today that Iraqi security forces would be able to take over responsibility for securing the country in 26 months, 23 days, 18 hours, 40 minutes, and 12 seconds. When it was pointed out that his estimate would coincide with the exact moment when President George W. Bush is destined to leave office, General Casey replied, "It does? Well isn't that a strange coincidence."


Unless, of course, Bush is impeached before then........
in 26 months, 23 days, 18 hours, 40 minutes, and 12 seconds

Why- that's- a timetable! Cut-'n'-runner!
I wonder what Casey's definition of "awash" is.

Maybe he thinks it requires functioning municipal water systems.
Lew...well you couldn't expect Casey to mention that, now could you? :-)

Mr_Blog, I'm sure that Casey would say that it has nothing to do with our troops leaving. That will happen sometime in the next decade...or so.
That's funny!

But seriously, if I hear that stand up-stand down shit one more time out of their LYING pieholes...
Clearly, if our noble effort in Iraq last one day past Inauguration, it'll be the Democrats' fault!
That is just the damnest thing, ain't it? Talk about a strange and unexpected coinky-dink!
And it doesn't matter what continuing castrophic clusterfuck Iraq is under Bush's watch, it will SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY be the Dems' fault.
He's an Evangelical. We serve him at his convenience.
Chuck, well if the Dems win back Congress I doubt you'll hear it much more. They're gonna put the prez in a hurt-locker.

Rex, never happen. "I'm the deciderer, and I'm decidering to stay!"

Tina you been listening to Rex?

TFWY...and he serves God...therefore we serve...
Hurt-locker...I like that.
I watched Olbermann earlier this evening. One of the spots was with a young marine sargent that was one of the military that was speaking out against the war. He commented that if the government wanted to, the troops could be otu of there in 3 months.

While it think that the 3 months was wishful thiknig on his part, I do believe that we can get out of there FAST if need be.

Any of you remember the withdrawal from Vietnam? When that was agreed to, it seemed that the troops were out of there pretty quick.

Sumo...I like 'hurt-locker' too! :-) Bonus points if you can tell what movie the phrase comes from.

Mike, I have no doubt that we could get out in 3 months (well 4, 6, whatever). But, as I said a post or two back, we won't and Democrats winning in November won't change that I'm afraid.
Now, I hear that the verdict in Saddam Hussein's trial is scheduled to come down a couple of days before the mid-term elections - how, well, convenient is that? I mean, how can Iraq stand up until Hussein sits down? Or maybe General Casey is playing musical chairs?
Diva...now I get it! It's a game:

I for one call bullshit on any one who suggests that we will leave when the iraqi's stand up. My bet? We'll be there for the short, medium, and long term becuase it's a nice place for US bases.
Yes, aren't there something like 12 or 14 bases there now? And I'M SURE we would just bring all our troops home and leave those bases for the terrorists to use as safe havens from which to plan attacks against the Untied States of America... heh... We will need to keep thousands of troops in Iraq (or whatever becomes of Iraq) to manage and protect the oil pipelines. It is our oil, after all.
Kvatch, as in Goose Step. I'm just mentioning.

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