Surprise! Surprise! It's September and we have prisons!

In our continuing coverage of Bu$hCo "surprises" we note that the September surprise is...well...not so surprising:

We have prisons--overseas prisons, and these prisons are filled with bad guys. Evil doers who want to come over here and destroy our way of life. McDonald's, ABC, and Bill O'Reilly...all gone! We torture these illegal combatants over there so we don't have to torture them over here. And why? Because irregular interrogation methods (aka, torture) work. We have obtained credible information from these little satans. Information that has saved lives--thousands of lives. You know they planned to blow up the thing and...the other thing, and we stopped them. "Alternative procedures" (aka, torture), applied by the CIA, really work!

And now we need to try these monsters, but not in a court. Cause you know our courts can't be trusted. Look at what the Supreme Court did in Hamden vs. Rumsfeld? Can't trust 'em. So we're going to ask Congress for tribunals, military tribunals--better, faster...able to leap tall islamo-fascists (read: "Osama bin Laden") in a single bound. We need to prosecute them with evidence the terrorists aren't allowed to see and with evidence obtained through coercive techniques (aka, torture).


Tomorrow Blognonymous will announce Bu$hCo's October Surprise. So stay tuned.


In December of 2005, Bush finally admitted that maybe the response to hurricane Katrina was a little too slow. So he was maybe two months behind the whole rest of the friggin' country back then. Now he's nine months?

Clearly, the president is caught in some kind of rip in the time-space continuum, the poor guy. A nobel prize in physics goes to whoever can figure it out.
And this guy says he is going to bring democracy to the Middle East? He can't even abide by the laws and treaties of the US. What he really is after is the Roman Imperial form of government--a supreme dictator who pays lip service to the laws and legislature--and throws anyone who disagrees with him to the lions.
Marie! Long time no see. Welcome back! I'll talk to my brother the physicist about that, but the questions is: If Bush really is caught in a rip then...do we really want him back?

Sothis, I agree and posted just yesterday on how the AG is asserting things like the "the king can do no wrong," in legal opinions.
We could just send him and the rest of his crew back to the middle ages. They'd like it there. No evolution, the church runs everything...'course, there wouldn't be any oil yet so that might not make them too happy.
I can't see how this will hold up under the Supreme Court either. He hasn't changed anything, one bit - it is still unconstitutional and if he wants to change that - we get to vote. I hate all this torture stuff - it is inhumane and it doesn't work. Wonder why all those bombings happened in London, Madrid, etc. - maybe the detainees only told them Mericun stuff.
we do the same thing here under cover in our very own american soil prisons...

and when people get caught - we slap their hands and move them elsewhere...

kind-of like what the catholic church has done in the past with - um - sex offenders...

what we are creating are mass murders...are they working for population control?
I can hardly wait for October.
Marie, the Bushies would probably be slave traders.

Mary, my understanding is that the point the Supreme Court ruled on had to do with congressional authorization. So Bu$hCo feels if they can just get the congress to authorize, then they're home free. In reality it'll probably end up back in the Supreme Court.

AZG, naw...not population control personal enrichment. People dying is just "collateral" damage.

Granny...me too!
Why Now? Why These 14 men shoveled off to Gitmo? Because it is politically advantageous. The W, Rove and Co has no scruples. They are morally bankrupt.

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