Shakes...On A Plane!

You know...on a Friday afternoon, the blogsphere doesn't get any better than this. A guy sticks a buzzing vibrator down his pants and then goes through airport security.



I couldn't finish the story...I'm in a cubicle now, so if I laugh hysterically it draws unwelcome attention. ;-)
jeeen-YEUSSS (in the Master Thespian voice) !!! omg, what if there had been exploding gels in that thing? i'm still dabbing my eyes over this. good way to end the week, thanks! D.K.
Next time, he should get an extra dark spray-on tan and try it.
Way too f*&%king funny. Thanks, Frogman. Hooooo...man!
I just burst out laughing and scared my sleeping kid and cat... that was too damn funny.
that's ballsy
Boy, that John Stossel sure is wacky!
I'm speechless.
hee hee- homeland security!

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