September 12th, 2001 and What Came After

Above you can see me tribute to William Lum, one of the victims on 9/11. What I wrote was not my original inclination, but the Frogette implored me to keep my focus on the point of the tribute, and I tried. But I wasn't completely successful.

You see, I didn't feel the sense of togetherness that many Americans felt in the aftermath of 9/11. I felt anger--anger at what I perceived were the reasons behind the attacks, anger at my fellow citizens for seeming not to realize what would follow, and most of all anger at myself for keeping my mouth shut. That wouldn't last, though, and when I finally cracked in November, my anger came pouring out on my personal website. My ranting was badly conceived and unevenly directed. I received threats and lost friends.

Now, five years down the line, when I talk about healing--when I talk about the shadow that was on my consciousness--these posts are what I'm referring to: Here and here.


I read your other post first. You expressed what I felt and still do which it makes it harder to talk about on granny.

It's far easier to rant on isamericaburning about cynicism and greed.
I am with you on this, Kevtch. It's rough going and the Rethugs are going to up the anti between now and election day. Is there a seat belt for the world? We're going to need it and all our coping techniques. Take care.
I think you still did a good job at creating a nice tribute, Kvatch.
On September 12, I was as ill-informed as can be. I didn't understand why what had happened happened. I wasn't even online at the time. All I felt was that someone needed to feel retribution for what had happened.
Two weeks later I lost my job. We had been told cuts were coming, but thought of my position as too valuable. When the cuts came, we were told it was due to the terrorists attacks.
Two weeks later, I was online for the first time. It was then I discovered the disparity between what the corporate media was telling me, and what I was reading online. In time, I learned that what I was reading was true, and what the media was telling me was lies. I never went back.
There are still more questions I have that have been unsatisfactorally answered, if at all, too many to list here. And as my discontentment with the Bush regime grew, it was nice to discover an online community, the blogs, that felt as I did. Coming from a hardcore conservative region such as I do, it was a relief to find out I wasn't insane. Just better informed.
All, again thanks for the thoughts. I'm just now starting to come down off of a 4 year plateau of anger and bitterness, and actually this tribute thing helped me to clarify what was going on in my own mind.

Lew, I hear you man. I lost a job with a startup I was working for 3 months after 9/11, ostensibly because our market dried up in the face of governmental snooping and the public's lack of interest in online privacy. Oh well...
You weren't alone with your feelings. As I watched the towers burn, then collapse, then we found out who/what it was, I had a deep desire for an ethnic cleansing in this country. Then I had a burning urge to send them all to a free tour of Mars, via the Hot Nuke Special.

Then W started his bullshit, and I went completely bonkers. Raging online, in phone calls, to passerby's, I mean I was a real fruitcake! My still burning hatred of what that cretin has done to our country has cost me the support, and companionship of most of my family (all religious repubs). To be more accurate, one Sister still speaks to me.

That was the most painful price I've ever "paid" for something I didn't cause. But, as much as it hurts, I will not ever back down my hatred of him so long as I draw oxygen into my lungs. He is a liar, and has nearly destroyed this once great country!

Sigh...down boy, down!!:) Sorry for the rant....it still gets me "notched" up just thinking of it, as you can see. The good news is, we can begin to end this horror, right here, right now. Keep on truckin', and watch out behind you. There's this raving idiot coming......:)
I was able to keep my business but it was never the same. All my NY clients disappeared without a trace, and the drop in the dollar made my prices seem expensive to foreigners.

Everyone got hurt economically that I knew at the time. But the real losses were those connected to the constitution which you so eloquently described.

Well done.

p.s. I thought you were announcing the October surprise. Did I miss something?
TFWY, I know how that goes. Fortunately for me, my family is made up of the same kind of wild-eyed 'America haters' that I am. So I didn't fall out with my family about 9/11, but my friends...that was a different story. At this point I don't think that Bush and Co will ever be brought to account for their actions--I mean...not unless some new stunning revelation galvanizes the electorate--but I just be glad to be rid of him.

Praguetwin. I still plan to announce it, but I got kinda sidetracked. Oddly the Xosociate scooped me on my thought, but I'll do a post anyway. About your experience with your clients, one of the effects that we often overlook is how the economic ripple must have been felt everywhere. Americans virtually stopped travelling after 9/11 and not just because of nervousness over flying. The whole world became much more expensive.
Sorry to hear you got scooped. I'll wait to hear it from you.

I feel the same about Bush Co, but there is still time. Anything is possible if the Democrats start really investigating, but yea, we will probably still be arguing about it with our friends 20 years from now. I just hear on the BBC that one of the immediate effects was due to deals that didn't go through because people simply couldn't communicate, or travel I might add. It was a big hit, for everyone.
Your 2 posts from 2001 sum up nearly identically the kind of conversation my hardcore Dem/ pro-unionist family had around the Thanksgiving dinner table in 2001. We couldn't believe that Americans were cheering The Patriot Act and treated BushCo like some kind of messianic gods. The only people Hubby and I have "lost" since this BushCo regime took office has been his wingnut parents... but given that they already hated me for "daring" to be of Italian heritage, Catholic since baptism, and a Democrat, feh... what kind of loss is that really?

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