PARK-ing Space


Looks like it could be the people who work at the cable company where I live. They would call that being busy and getting out to fix the cable as soon as they can work me in.
We have a couple of tourist-type towns in Michigan where this type of thing goes on and I like the idea. One town has modeled itself as a German village and they've planted flowers along the curb along with benches. People bring lawn chairs on nice days and plop themselves down to watch the cars and people. Of course, it helps that there are also outdoor cafes and live entertainment to listen to.

It may be old-fashioned and Midwestern, but the space is there so it might as well be used.
Kathy, PoP, what I think is really cool is the fact that, every two hours, they pack it up--sod and all--and move it to another place. :-)
Portable green spaces! I love it. I should get one of these together and erect it in the parking lots of Walmart and other big box commercial areas. Thanks, Kvatch!
you don't mean Frankenmuth, do you?

This piece of performanced artr would do Kunstler proud. Trade in your parking spot for a more eco-friendly and people usable space.
hell yeah. i could be down for that
Hey Kvatch! You're managing to stay fairly active in your semi-hiatus. Glad you can do it. Hope the business is rolling along for ya.
Lew, I do mean Frankenmuth, and I've also seen this in the U.P. when they've held strawberry festivals and such.
Very Cool!!
Pam, Sumo...It is cool, isn't? What I also liked was that they did this in on of San Francisco's seedier (though most colorful) sections of town, a place with very few parks.

Peacechick, that's a great idea. Big box stores...I love it!
SA, A lot of the posts I've been doing during the week are written on the weekend. I actually had this morning's post (Friday) ready to go on Monday night cause I knew it was coming.
love it!!! can we do this on the white house lawn??
That is awesome!

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