My iPod Wants To Torture The President

OK campers...I'm as mad as hell and my music can't take it any more!

iPod of DoomBu$hCo and Congress have decided to do away with the Constitutional Republic that we all thought we lived in, and we need some tunes that will put the fire in our bellies.

F*ck Congress and all of its spineless sheep! I put the question to the iPod of Doom, and it replies that it wants Bush to burn in hell-fire--wants to torture him with these righteous tracks:

1. Contagion - "Aggress", Contaminant PCB
2. Consolidated - "Friendly Fascism", Industrial Revolution - Second Ed.
3. Front Line Assembly- "Outcast", Tactical Neural Implant
4. Gravity Kills - "Blame", Gravity Kills
5. Ministry - "N.W.O.", Psalm 69
6. Nine Inch Nails - "Head Like A Hole", Pretty Hate Machine
7. The Future Sound Of London, "We Have Explosive", Dead Cities
8. Pearl Jam, "Not For You", Vitalogy
9. Articles of Faith - "False Security", AoF Complete Vol. 1
10. Lo Fidelity Allstars - "Battle Flag", How To Operate With A Blown Mind

What does Satan's MP3 player say to you?


Keep your game face on - we've got a battle to win and we will win. They are going to feel the burn, for sure.
You should check out Rise Against. Especially the ablum, Siren Song of the Counter Culture. The whole album ROCKS!!! They have great music about politics etc. Think Rage Against the Machine.
I actually have a playlist called "civil disobedience" on my satanic ipod. A select few of the many:

"American Idiot" Green Day
"Bushleaguer" Pearl Jam
"Bye Bye Bush" Concerned Citizens
"Dear God" XTC
"Dear Mr. President" P!nk
'Dissident" Pearl Jam
"Get Up, Stand Up" Bob Marley
"Head Like a Hole" Nine Inch Nails
"Here Comes the War" New Model Army
"I'm Afraid of Americans" David Bowie
"Imagine" John Lennon
"It's the End of the World as We Know It" R.E.M.
"Killing in the Name" Rage Against the Machine
"Let's Impeach the President" Neil Young
"Mosh" Eminem
"Rank-N-File" Anti-Flag
"Rich Man's War" Steve Earle
"Self Evident" Ani Difranco
"Shame on You" Indigo Girls
"Taking Aim" Stephan Smith
"The Bell" Stephan Smith
"When the President Talks to God" Bright Eyes
What does Satan's MP3 player say to you?
It says make sure you find out where they take Kvatch, so you can bring him cigarettes!:)

Neat line of thought.:)
1.Ramones-"My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes To Bitburg)",Animal Boy
2.The Clash-"Washington Bullets", "Somebody Got Murdered", Sandinista!
3.CCR-"Fortunate Son", Willie And The Poor Boys
4.Butthole Surfers-"USSR" Locust Abortion Technician
5.Butthole Surfers-"Jet Fighter",Weird Revolution
6.Green Day-"American Idiot", American Idiot (Thanx lil)
7.REM-"The End Of The World As We Know It", Document
8.John Lennon-"Imagine, Imagine
9.Pink Floyd-"Not Now John", The Final Cut
10.Steve Earle-"John Walker's Blues", Jerusalem
Before I tell you about my satanic archos jukebox, I must say, Lew, The last two numbers on your list are totally awesome! Not Now John and John Walkers Blues are two of my all time favorites. Different John.

And now, from my 500 deep playlist called - F Bush:

1. PJ Harvey - Big Exit
2. Nonpoint - Done it Anyway
3. Bob Marley - War
4. Nellie McKay - Sari
5. Tool - Part of Me
6. Eminem - Marshall Mathers
7. Pearl Jam - Fortunate Son
8. Geto Boys - Damn it feels Good to be a Gangster
9. Kimya Dawson - Loose Lips
10. Tool - Ticks and Leeches

Nice. 2 Tool songs.
Sorry, I posted that as my friend Hector Diego, but it was me all along, Station Agent. I was signed onto his account because I was working on his template.
Godspeed You! Black Emperor. music for the apocalypse.
My Digital Doomsayer returns but one entry: "Holiday in Cambodia" by the Dead Kennedys.

Polpotpolpotpolpotpolpot, etc.
Dark Lord, may I suggest some Fugazi, "Repeater," perhaps?
"Speak" by Queensryche
The songs are meant to torture Bush, right? Well then my choice is obvious...Imam Arafi recites 'MARIAM", a chapter of the Holy Quran. It just might cause Bush to off himself.
Hmm, my iTunes of Doom says more about me and Pither than the President:
1. I Saw Three Ships, Moscow Boys Choir
2. Steady As She Goes, Raconteurs (acoustic)
3. Chop Suey!, System of a Down
4. Lucky Denver Mint, Jimmy Eat World
5. Work, Jimmy Eat World
6. Get It Faster, Jimmy Eat World
7. Everlong, Foo Fighters
8. Lully, Lulla, Thow Littel Tyne Child, Waverly Consort
9. Another One Bites the Dust, Queen
10. White Christmas, Aaron Neville

Maybe it works after all.
You guys rock! All excellent suggestions. Seems we have a number Pearl Jam fans around here, and I need to start doing some serious listening.

Satan's iPod is salivating--pictures a small cell somewhere at Gitmo where Bush gets bombarded by 24/7 until he relents and gives up on destroying the Constitution.
Frog! I gots chills readin' that playlist.

Brilliant! Wish I had more of those tunes in my own collection. They are Seriously Hot.
Michael, I'm a big fan of industrial, especially Front Line Assembly. Saw them once at the 9:30 Club in D.C. It was an awesome concert. Whenever I need to get fired up, FLA is my choice.
Not to dig too deep into the past, but one that should be on this Top 10 is:

Eve of Destruction - Barry McGuire, circa 1965 (or thereabouts).

People rose up then to make a statement. People need to do it again!

Mike String Cheese Theory
Mine says "F the CC" by Steve Earle! YEAH!!!

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