Kvatch On Hiatus For A Bit (Sort Of)

Dear Friends,

You've probably noticed that my blogging has been a bit sporadic lately. The reason is that, after taking the summer off, I've started a contract gig that should keep me employed through the end of the year. But here's the kicker: I'm using this as a springboard for restarting my LLC (going independent again), and I really need to kick ass on this job.

Though I've had more fun than I could have imagined these last 16 months--met and blogged with a great group of people--I simply don't have the time to keep Blognonymous vibrant, and I don't ever want this blog to become just a repeat of the day's top news story. Consequently, I'm going to limit myself to a post or two on the weekends, and see how that goes. (I promise that I'll try to do a bang up job for those few.) In addition, the Frogette has asked if she may use Blognonymous for a post or two of her own.

Thanks to everyone for reading. That interaction has meant more to me than I can easily express. With luck, some months down the line, I'll be able to get back to posting as usual.


(P.S., if any of your would like to use Blognonymous as your own megaphone, just let me know. Let's talk. If there is one thing that I do well it's craft titles that bring in the clicks from the search engines, and I'd hate for all that traffic to go to waste. :-) )


Well, good luck on that venture. I can't say that I miss those days, but I do know that one of the most important things in that is a sense of accomplishment (and pride, of course)- and you won't get that by slacking.

I'll just watch for the weekend goodies, is all.

Take care! :)
Oh No! Sad, but I wish you the greatest of success. You have done so much for the cause of Peace.
This move can only serve to please BushCo. . .but I understand, wish you the best, and urge you to "git yer ass back into the fight" ASAP. =)
Good news to hear my friend. We can only formulate here what we are to put into action in the world. Nothing real ever happens here, and we all should never forget that. Maybe that was to cynical. Oh well. Let me know if you need anything.
Thank YOU for being here!!
It's about time you got a job!

Seriously, good luck with your business.
Hail, Kvatch!
I'm happy and sad for you :)
If It So Please The Frogette and The Kvatch.....:)

I had this in "the cooler" for a "day off" post, but it may be better served here. Plus, I might get to be FIRST guest commentator!:) I had it titled "There Will Be A Special Space Shuttle Launch Soon", but pick your own flavor. And I would be honored with either byline, The Frogette, or The Kvatch. I had written, (Drum roll, Anton?):

"It will be November 8th, 2006, and it will be carrying cargo of the most immense national value.

Gas Prices."

Took half a day to write that thing:P
Good night and Good luck my favorite frog..hopefully you won't forget us little people when you hit the big time :) I loook forward to infrequent but still great posts from you..thank goodness for blogrolling..it updates automatically!
I guess, it doesn't hurt to have a real life...at least that's what I hear.
I'll miss seeing you as often but I'll look forward to the weekends.

Good luck with your venture.
Work--the curse of the blogging class.

I think you're plan will work fine and of course, I would be more than happy to contribute, so let me know.

Good luck on the job.
It must be something in those Californian stars. Change is happening, so I'm not surprised by your news froggy.

Good luck with your venture.
good luck - i wish you much prosperity!!

and will patiently wait for the weekends!!

But hey, good luck! You will still be coming to the Barbarian debauches, right?
I was going to say what th said above: NOOOOOOOOoooooooo!

Will look for you and the Frogette in the future, though.
Good luck, Frogman. I'm wishing you lots of prosperity.
I've heard of a frog turning into a handsome prince, but never heard of one turning into a contractor. On the other hand, they say behind every good frog is a good frogette, so I'm looking forward to her posts - and to your weekend contributions if she'll give you the space. Give 'em hell...
I think that usually a taking a summer off is much better if it is followed by a hiatus, and then followed by a sabbatical of some sort.

Let us know whe you are back in the hopper.
Shall be awaiting your wise words for the weekends Froggie...I'm sure the Frogette will be stering.
Be well, kvatch. Your posts and your comments on my blog have been much appreciated.
"...a contract gig that should keep me employed through the end of the year."
Please tell me this doesn't involve mob hits on red-light runners.

"I'm going to limit myself to a post or two on the weekends"
It's quality, not quantity and you've never fallen short on that count, Froggy.

"the Frogette has asked if she may use Blognonymous for a post or two of her own."
Looking forward to reading some posts from your better half, Frogman.

And to echo No Blood for Hubris....All hail the frog from the city of fog. Good luck to you, man. And be careful on those city streets.
Good luck dude. I hope everything goes well.
Thanks for all the encouragement. I didn't blog for a whole 4 days, and sort of got it out of my system. Now I think I can settle into a pattern of some better stuff on the weekends, some of which I'll save and post mid-week. Hopefully that will keep things going around here.

TFWY, send me an email, and let's talk about getting you guest access for your post.
Hey Kvatch, good luck with your work and keep up your writing when you can. Welcome to the Frogette.
Now you just listen here buddy: If you don't blog, the terrorists win!

Seriously, I've been cutting back just a LITTLE lately and my personal life has been more relaxed. So, relax, rejuvenate, and get your butt back to your computer, you wonderfully wily rascal!! Cheers, Snave
We root for you, and wish the best on your Venture and hard work....

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