ABC Propaganda

American Bush-kissing Company

The Path to 9/11 is a bunch of propaganda, but I can see where this
is headed. So read up and let ABC know what you think.

Updated 2006/09/07, 9:39 AM PDT -

This just in: The Xsociate has learned that Disney intends to revamp The Path to 9/11 in order to calm the film's critics. Read all about it here!


My best friend stopped by and had dinner with us last night, and she announced over the Greek salad this: "I need you to send me that ABC petition link." (I did, but I also posted it on my blog for Thursday) and then she bluntly adds this: "F-ck ABC. Seriously, besides "Lost" what else did I ever watch on their channel? And as far as "Lost" is concerned, I can just wait til it comes out on DVD and get it off of Netflix."... hmm... she is absolutely correct... and I can really put a hurting on Disney by boycotting the purchase of all things Disney. I have a 4 yr old lil girl... she is part of the bread and butter of Disney... that kind of boycott along with a letter explaining why will do nicely, thankyouverymuch.
Both my girlfriend and i sent emails to ABC about this right-wing tripe. WI'm going to call the local affiliate today to complain.

Scholastic's involvement actually worries me more than ABC's. There's something insidiuos and Orwellian about changing the histroy and dispersing it to little kids who weren't around and won't know any better.

Gee, I wonder if that's part of Rove's strategy to vreate a permanent GOP majority?
Clearly changes are in order.
Scholastic pulled out because of the pressure, but ABC is still dishing this BS...keep up the calls!!!
Like lambs to the slaughter.
Many people compare the mindless Neocon to a "sheep".

In my opinion, they are more like lemmings - racing headlong to their doom.
Tina, well I have to agree on the ABC front. The Frogette and I no longer have cable so we can't watch even if we want to. She does like Grey's Anatomy.

R-bE, I agree, and I didn't even know about that aspect until you pointed it out.

Xsociate, Fantasy Land indeed. Sort of reminds me of Disney's aborted attempt to create an American History-themed park in VA some years back. Most people's opinion was that a happy Disney perspective on say...the Civil War...was not what we needed.
Fred...maybe I was wrong and the acronym really stand for:

(A)merican (B)ullshit (C)ompany?

Sewmouse...welcome. Well certainly ABC seems to want to follow the road already tread by Fox...to their demise I suspect.

Cartledge, see the above comment.
Even if Disney revamps the dramamentry, I'm boycotting Disney. They are on the permanent poo-poo list.
i'm been boycotting disney...i don't even let my grandkiddies watch the films....

you know i am an advocate of free-speech

but now i think we need to have an inclusion to it

like, if people are speaking to change what really happened in history - we get to burn it...
Kvatch said...

Fred...maybe I was wrong and the acronym really stand for:

(A)merican (B)ullshit (C)ompany?


(A)dministrational (B)ullshit (C)atapulter
Hey Mary, now that's commitment. You've got little kids, right?

AZG, it's hard to control the people's (or a corporation's) desire to bend history. All you can really do is present the facts as they actually happened. Ultimately this reflects more on Disney than on Clinton or Bush.

Xsociate: :-) Yup, that one's better.

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