Surprise! It's August and Another Plot Is Foiled

Details are still sketchy--almost deliberately so--but the headlines this morning are screaming about the most recent terrorist plot foiled by British authorities. 10 planes were to be destroyed by bombs in liquid form (one report said "fizzy drinks"), smuggled on board in hand luggage. And so, predictably, the US and UK are now both restricting either hand luggage in total (the UK) or liquids and gels (the US).

Bush has called it a direct threat to the US. Chertoff has suggested that it's an Al Qaeda operation, though there isn't any evidence as yet of a connection to Bu$hCo's favorite bogeyman. I call it The August Surprise and, don't get me wrong, nobody is more pleased than I that our vigilant authorities are out rounding up the terrorists, but I'm still betting that this is just one in a series--like the "June Surprise" and the "July Surprise"--count on a September surprise, and then...for October...the biggie!

I've got an idea about that, but I'm not saying right now. Tell you next month.


I'm trying hard to stay open minded. You aren't helping :)
It is all pretty convenient for George and Tony.
Here's why I think it's bogus:

1) sketchy details (at best)
2) my instincts

What happened to the "Miami 7" "terrists"? That was laughable. And the tunnel you linked as well - please. If they were legitimate plots, they'd have been in the news for more than 2 days, don't you think?

This one will probably turn out to more of the same. I agree: October's gonna have to be BIG to scare the public into voting for the rethugs.

The right's only remaining talking point seems to be Democrats are the party of soft on terrorism. That's the new mantra. Watch for a medley of it on Daily Show, is my guess.
The best part is the DRAMA..Scotland Yard just went apeshit with this quote: "mass murder on an unimaginable scale"

Is JK Rowlings doing their scriptwriting?

And the Shrub..be calm but be afraid..wtf is that crap?
Cartledge...what is my purpose if not to supply you with a daily dose of tinfoil hat conspiracy?

Helen, not so sure it's bogus. I've no doubt there was a plot, but I read on the BBC that no bombs had been made yet. And so we come to Dusty's comment about the DRAMA. The UK authorities are restricting everything. US officials are only allowing baby formula and breast milk?! Come on--a little over the top. Unless this isn't the only threat they're worried about.

I swear I'm going to do another post today on this about the response.
OH, PLEASE PLEASE do another post..
I want to do one ( called FLY NAKED) but Blogger is ill...
so poor Brits are having to travel with a Clear Zip Lock Bag....
and no deoderant, no shampoo, no toothpaste...
( I call it Going Greyhound...)
hmm, I wonder if you can wear a Pine Tree Airfreshner around you neck?
( think that would be allowed?)
I don't know what to think- but I know that I am
more than skeptical at this point...
and yeah, I am sure the Repugs will try to Fear Us into
voting for THEM...
you hear lieberman? he eats this sort of shit up...
Also, why don't they just ban people from planes and be done with it? That way no one can get blown upd!
E4E...just for you! Here ya go...

Also, why don't they just ban people from planes and be done with it?

Denis, think I've got a better solution, follow the link above.
It is a legitimate threat, but it's the timing that I find suspect. It brings me back to that sense that Bushco is behind all the terrorist events.
The terror alert wouldn't be political, would it? I guess Joe Lieberman pretty much answered that question:

“If we just pick up like Ned Lamont wants us to do, get out by a date certain, it will be taken as a tremendous victory by the same people who wanted to blow up these planes in this plot hatched in England,” Mr. Lieberman said at a campaign event at lunchtime in Waterbury, Conn. “It will strengthen them and they will strike again.”

Looks like Karl Rove really is running his campaign ... You say Bojinka, I say BOHICA!
Madison (or should I call you Mr. Guy?), thanks for stopping by. You're right Lieberman called a spade a spade, and the timing nails it.
Yes, I agree with Mr. Guy, they had been investigating this plot for eighteen months, but decided to bring out to help Ol' Whiny Joe out with his campaign.
Re: Denisdekat's idea about banning peops from planes. Humans are 60% water, aren't they?
Glad to hear others feel this way too. Mr. Sumo poopooed me about it not sounding right. I made the mistake of discussing what had been said, and that some bells went off for me...some of it didn't make sense. The I get his lecture about conspiracry theory...blah and blah! So yeah...there's some fishy smells to me...and they can gain from lying to us again...they think. Fools!
Lew, and no bombs even. So why the over-the-top response from our beloved TSA?

JuBlue, I think it was expressed most concisely on ST:TNG..."Ugly bags of mostly water."

Sumo... Fishy, yes. Like a certain Seattle market that I love. Bu$hCo's gotta keep us scared. So, as I said, I'm expecting a September surprise.

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