Republicans Swift Boat Global Warming

You know Al Gore's Penguin Army--that dopey spoof of An Inconvenient Truth posted last week on YouTube.com? Well turns out that it wasn't actually produced by "toutsmith" the supposed 29 year old that claims to have posted it. Actually the video is merely Astroturf from the Republican public relations firm DCI who proudly list Exxon as one of their clients.

Let the swift-boating of global warming begin!


Hopefully an iceberg will break loose and broadside the Swift-Boat sining it and its band of thieves! Too much? I think not!
..."sinking" it...
With temps and gas prices into triple digits, just what do they hope to accomplish? People are sick of the high prices whether global warming is responsible or not and want cheaper alternative choices. (I also want earth friendly choices.)
I don't think it will do the Rethugs any good to try to kill the truth, especially with temps hovering around 100 mark. They just don't know any other way, than smearing since they have been doing it for so long. Thanks for the heads up, Kvatch and good luck with the ATT.
They're just peeved because Al has been coming across as intelligent and competent,making people think that perhaps they should have taken to the streets like they are in Mexico.
Don't you wonder how much that little "amateur" vid cost Exxon?
An odd occurence of "winners" being sore losers. . .
Unfortunately, people are still dumb enough to fall for that crap. Heck, half of them still believe the US found WMDs in Iraq. Idiots.
I'm more upset about Rethuglican PR and strategy firms taking the lead in directing what amounts to a "dirty tricks" campaign. And where are the Democrats? Are they totally incapable of conceptualizing how this is going to hurt them?
You might be right kvatch, on the other hand the Dems might be just as well off going to the bar (or brothel or wherever they relax) and doing nothing.
I'm not convinced that attacks and defences make a whole lot of difference. The agenda for November has been set, regardless of the campaigning to come.
By maintaining the attack the Repubs and their servants simply remind voters about what they don't like. If the Dems aren't doing anything, my gut feeling is they are doing the right thing.
It's sad when terms like "swift boating," become a part of the venacular much like "going postal," and other snazy actions of extremists that captivated the attention of the American People. I'm not so certain that I would want to be a swift boat vet these days. Even if you weren't a part of the Rovian political parlor trick, you can become associated with it.
Cartledge, nobody seems to be taking this attack very seriously. I'm hoping that you're right and that we'll get to the point where when the next "swift boat" attack comes, people will just shake their heads and think, There the Republicans go again...

WS, no argument there. I can't imagine that it's fun for the "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" to forever be associated with the "dirty trick du jour".
I posted abuot this too, and what I found oddest about the video was how UNFUNNY it is. That right there tells you that it was made by a rightie. There is a serious lack of sense of humor or grasp of satire on the right. Have you noticed it? It's sort of chilling.

Also, what struck me is it's so professionally done, but trying NOT to look professional. So sneaky.

Man, EXXON really chaps my hide!

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