On The Other Hand, Caps On Greenhouse Gases For California

So while Bu$hCo is busy burying the evidence of global climate change, California once again leads the way with an unprecedented agreement to cap greenhouse gas emissions at 25% below current levels by 2020. The new legislation is supported by both Governor Schwarzenegger and the California Senate and will place stringent emissions reduction standards, developed by the Air Resources Board, on industries ranging from auto makers to cement manufacturers.

The initiative is already being hailed as a move that could be adopted by other states, but there's little doubt California will be sued by industries that don't want to adhere to the requirements, just as we were over fuel efficiency and tail-pipe emissions standards.

Update 2006/08/31, 8:10 am PDT -

Opening briefs are due today before the Supreme Court in the multi-state suit against the EPA for it's refusal to regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act.


There can't even be any peace connected to a good thing these days.
Lead the way cali, lead the way!
It's why we live here, I'm just saying.
Hopefully a ruling against Bu$hCo and the EPA in the Supreme Court will discourage industry from challenging this law as well. We'll see...
wow - thanks for all the great news today!!

one thought though...i do wish calif would allow bio-diesel cars in...

you-all should look at the fuel a vehicle is burning and not the worst possible senario like #2 diesel

i'm ranting about calif not allowing in any new diesel vw's...

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