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No faking, no humor, just news and views you can use on Blognonymous today. In the last 48 hours some great posts have made it onto the blogs I read. Check 'em out:

BHFRK @ Club Lefty reports on how the Alabama Democratic Party leadership is using an dusty, mostly ignored, regulation to disqualify the lesbian winner of one particular district primary.

Chuck of Bu$hmerica has dug up a pair of graphs that really hammer home how our bungling in the Middle East makes us manifestly less safe.

And finally, Peachchick Mary has located a piece describing how Diebold voting machines, which are susceptible to all sorts of attacks, have already been hacked...on contract...for the Republicans...for money!


Thanks. I have just been wondering how I can get this information out to more people. I have already sent copy to all our major newspapers and to our semi-Democratic senator Nelson. This hacking has got to stop - it's criminal.
Thanks for the mention kvatch. I appreciate that!

Hi peacechick mary!
Hey Chuck, Mary...it was my pleasure. Hope you picked up some traffic from the links.

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