Microsoft Introduces The Fugly Zune

A day late (or a couple of years) and a dollar short (of some decent ideas), Microsoft intends to go to war with Apple. And their weapon...the Zune...is the dumbest thing we've seen in personal music players in quite a while.

How is it that something that has all the white plastic of an iPod, more pixels, and even a clickwheel lookalike can be look so shockingingly ugly? And the differentiator for this soon-to-be also-ran, "social networking". Yes indeed Microsoft thinks that using WiFi to expose your Paul Anka fetish is going to make you the life of the party.

Not just dead on arrival, but dead before it even gets shipped to the stores.

And so on this Saturday Night, here's 10 random songs from my little not-a-stupid-Zune:

1. Live - "Lakini's Juice", Secret Samahdi
2. Thelonious Monk - "I Didn't Know About You", Straight No Chaser
3. David Byrne - "Machu Picchu", Forrestry
4. Moby - "Rushing", Play
5. The Jimi Hendrix Experience - "Come On (Let The Good Times Roll)", Electric Ladyland
6. Prince - "When Doves Cry", Purple Rain
7. Steely Dan - "Hey Nineteen", Citizen Steely Dan
8. Branford Marsalis - "Roused About", The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born
9. Neil and Tim Finn - "Weather With You (Live)", 7 Worlds Collide
10. Pet Shop Boys - "West End Girls", Discography


stairway to heaven...

and yes, very ugly == so = i was wondering...if they aren't gonna sell them here, where are they being sold? some far-sighted universe? grin
Yeah. That thing is UG.

Ever heard "I Hate U" by Prince? One of my favorites.
My girlfriend makes fun of me because I like the Pet Shop Boys. I'm glad to see you've got "West End Girls" on your list of 10 random songs. If the PSB's are good enough for the frog, god dammit, they're good enough for me! In fact, I'm listening to "I'm With Stupid" right now as I write this.

I still can't bring myself to buy an mp3 player. I hate the sound of compressed music off my computer and only download FLAC files. How do you find the sound quality on that thing? Or for you Ipod people, how's the sound quality on that? Is it worth finally switching from the old cd player?
I switched to digital, I never use my cds anymore. But the quality isn't as good across the board. Usually it just depends on how you rip your own cds. As for accessibility, digital is worth it. I use an Archos MP3 player, but those aren't for everyone. I like it though. Their customer service sucks bad.

Here's ten random from mine:

Nonpoint - Alive and Kicking
Rilo Kiley - Paint's Peeling
Fleetwood Mac - The Chain
Jenny Lewis - Handle with Care
Feist - Mushaboom (Postal Service remix)
Ted Leo - Since You Been Gone (The Kelly Clarkson song)
Pink Floyd - The Final Cut
Pearl Jam - Not for You
Bright Eyes - Nothing Gets Crossed Out
Rilo Kiley - Emotional

Guess I'm back on a Rilo Kiley kick.
If I had one...it would have lots of Tom Waits...oh yes it would!
Ipod is the best- better than any cd player I have ever had..and I never thought I would have one....Pet Shop Boys???Really..kidding right? I mean why should anyone be tortured with that? not on a sat nite...( and yes, that thing is Ug...sorry but it really is..)
Rb-E, E4E, damn right the Pet Shop Boys!

My tastes are very broad (check out the two flyPod lists I did for Tom @ If I Ran the Zoo), I'm definitely a creature of the eighties. There's more New Wave and Alternative in my iPod than anything else.

Now, that said Rb-E, get thee to the Apple Store and buy one cause...you're a man right? OK, here's the thing--your hearing sucks. Deal with it. Rip at 256bps and you probably won't be able to tell the difference from a CD. (If you were a "real audiophile" you'd be listening to LPs anyway. Am I right?)

The Apple earbuds are close to the best I've heard, but if you don't like 'em get a nice pair of Sennheisers and be happy. It's all about convenience and the places you'll be using an iPod aren't conducive to intense listening anyway. Save that for your listening room at home.
AZG, oh yes they are going to sell them here...starting in November. Course they may not sell very many of them.

Mags, UG is right!

SA, as I said to the Rb-E, I still use CDs in my listening room, but I love the convenience of my iPod for listening elsewhere. BTW, like your list. You picked one of the great overlooked Pearl Jam songs IMHO, but frankly I don't recognize 50% of the artists on your list. I lasted longer than most of my peers, but I did tune out to new music about 3 years ago.
kvatch, what you say makes sense. I refuse to give up my cds for home listening(I have over 3,000 actually), but for on-the-go an Ipod would probably be just fine.

I'm a creature of the 80's too but I also have diverse tastes. For what it's worth (which is not much) here are the last ten albums I have listened to:

1. Funkadelic: America eats its Young
2. Brian Eno: Music For Films III
3. Steve Earle: The Revolution Starts Now
4: Johnny Cash: Unchained
5. The Velvet Underground: The Velvet Underground and Nico (Universal Edition)
6. Elvis Costello: Almost Blue (Rhino edition w/ demos, live tracks and b-sides)
7. The Cure: Kiss me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me (new Rhino remaster w/ demos)
8. Television: Marquee Moon
9. The Specials: The Specials
10: Peter Tosh: Equal Rights

Honorable Mentions: Suicide's First Album, Mickey Hart's Planet Drum and assorted Beach Boys albums
Thelonious Monk and the Pet Shop Boys in the same playlist. You're my hero!
RBE: The sound on an iPod is just great. And if you plug it into a BOSE docking station (or even my cheap LBJ one), it's pretty damn good.

One more plug here for Prince's "I Hate U." But the version with the wannabe voice prompt intro, not the other one.

Get to downloadin'! Er, file SHARING, I mean.
My, that thing looks like its momma beat it with an ugly stick. I hope that it is at least cheaper than an iPod (or at least not made with slave labor).
Betty, like I said...eclectic tastes. The next playlist you'll see from me will probably have Zappa, Bananarama, and Arvo Part (Estonian minimalist composer).

Mags, sorry I missed the reference the first time. Looked up "I Hate U" and found that it's from Gold Experience, which is probably why I don't recognize it. I lived in Mpls from 86 through 91 (even had the honor of being thrown out of First Ave. by Prince and his entourage), but after Diamonds and Pearls I sort of lost interest. What little I heard from Gold Experience didn't wind my binder, but I'll check it out now.

Sothis, it's not cheaper! Rumor mill says $299.00.
okay...The Monk...I can now forgive the Pet Shop Boys..( and I too am trapped in the 80's...sigh..)

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