Kvatch Kwotes His Fellow Bloggers

Some days there's so much good material, you just can't help yourself...

Betty Cracker on our beloved Deciderer:
George Bush's cranium is as empty as a dried gourd...

Denisdekat opines on what ails the Democratic party:
The Dems are paid to loose the fight. Our political system is not much different than Italian soccer...

Peacechick Mary takes a nailgun to the coffin that is Bu$hCo's State Department:
Condolezza doing diplomacy is like a very pregnant pole vaulter. The thing is just not going to get off the ground.


Oh Peacechick! LOL!

All good. That one just made me "spit" laughin'.
a pregnant polevaulter huh> this is certainly conjuring up some powerful imagery.
Betty Cracker, you crack me up!
I love a good quote. Blog on Kvatch. Blog on all.

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