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... Just Like The Old Inquisition
In a move sure to have western leaders scratching their heads, Hamid Karzai and his cabinet have voted to reconstitute the Department for the Prevention of Vice and Promotion of Virtue, a religious police force that under the Taliban amounted to a bunch of Shariah wielding vigilantes. And where is the US in this debate? Is this what we hoped for when we ousted the Taliban--that Karzai would bring to Afghan cities the same zealot fueled misery that most parts of rural Afghanistan are once again experiencing?

Tony Feels Betrayed
Fueled by Deputy PM, John Prescott's recent comments on the value of Bu$hCo policy, UK papers are now reporting that Tony Blair feels 'badly let down' by George Bush and the US response to recent Middle East crises. But the question that we're asking on this side of the Atlantic is...who the f*ck cares?! If at any point in the last 5 years Blair had chosen to listen his party, his constituents, or a great many ministers who cautioned against getting into bed with Bu$hCo, he might not today find himself staring into the abyss. This is a situation of his own making, and I doubt very many people on either side of the pond are shedding tears for a PM who started out as wolf and ended up as a lap dog.


who the f*ck cares?!
George does of course. Good old Tony is the last, but one, toady left standing.
Americans won't suck up to George so he's got to import it!
Pooor Tony, someone piss in his frosted flakes? Who did he think he was getting in bed with?
Hey Tony, welcome to f*cken reality. The nonsense began for the rest of us a long time ago. Betrayed? Tony, you silly biotch.
Hey Cartledge, that's a pretty small "suck up" group. Do ya think it's enough? Course a man of Tony's standing...

Fred, SA... I actually think that this has been Tony's opinion from the get-go (Re: Bush administration policies are crap). So the question really is: What did Blair think that he was going to get out of this slavish devotion?
kvatch, you Americans always take the quantity view. Super sized everything. We are talking (snigger snigger) quality here.

But Blair really does get his rocks off in the poximity of power. Now the power is waning in Washington he'll be calling more often on Arnie.
Poor Tony! It's all fun and games until some asks you to sign away your soul on that dotted line.....
NO ONE EXPECTS THE NEW INQUISITION! Our chief weapon is torture. Torture and Islamic fundamentalism are -- TWO of our weapons, are torture, Islamic fundamentalism and almost fanatical devotion to the PNAC agenda -- bugger! I'll start again...
Finally...someone comments on the other topic! Thanks, Mr_Blog. For you...the soft pillow and the comfy chair.
Better those than the dishrack.
what shiuld we do about this....

11 British Terror Plot Suspects Charged With Conspiracy to Commit Murder

hope that justice is done
what shiuld we do about this....

11 British Terror Plot Suspects Charged With Conspiracy to Commit Murder

Well first, I think that perhaps we should all avoid Faux News since they seem to be so desperate that they have to spam unrelated links to pump their traffic stats.

How about that? Dumbsh*t!
Kvatch, I have no sympathy for these sniveling wimpering assholes like Blair who go about their business of killing and then THEY suddenly feel betrayed. Stack him in a pile with Colin Powell, Condi Rice when she gets the book, and George Tenet when he writes his simpering tale of woe. Screw Tony and this Prescott dude who has been bitching about Bush's crap for getting them into Iraq and not coming through with the road map to peace. These asswipes traded lives like freaking commodities, and only for their own careers. Puke.
I can easily, easily see a US Department for the Prevention of Vice and the Promotion of Virtue called for by the GOP Platform. In fact, given that Atty General Alberto Gonzales is actually taking attorneys OFF anti-terrorism and anti-online predator projects to prosecute people under indecency laws that are probably unconstitutional for possessing non-kiddie, all-adult, normal garden-variety porn, isn't that what we have already?
Mr. Blog expressed my sentiments exactly. Nobody expects the New Inquistion!
Karena, but how do you really feel? :-)

LC, looks that way doesn't it. What, if any, pressure is Gonzales putting on the FBI. That's were the rubber really hits the road in terms of vice prevention.

Diva, Mr_Blog is always right there with the clear-eyed perspective. :-)

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