Kvatch Konsiders Selling Out

Well sooner or later a message like this one shows up in your email...
From: mikebernstein8@gmail.com
Subject: Your domain blognonymo.us
Date: August 11, 2006 7:57:55 AM PDT
To: xxxxxxxx@yyyyyyyy.zzz


I would like to buy your domain blognonymo.us, if possible.

If you are able to sell and release the rights to this domain please
let me know. I am looking to buy within a week or two so let me know
how much it would cost to take over this domain.


Mike Bernstein
So dear Blognonyfriends...should Kvatch sell out? Let's assume for moment that this isn't a scam--and it very well could be as the author hasn't acquired any similar domains. Might be a domain aggregator in which case they're not going offer enough to make me want to sell. But...if it isn't, how much is Blognonymous worth? Hell I don't even advertise. So how attached am I to this particular body of work?

Help me out. What would you do? Name my price!


well first off dear friend....dear little webbed footed one...we love your blog..it is PRICELESS...( we all KNOW that...) ....you can't sell...where I come for a dose of your cynical wisdom??? Where I laugh on Sunday mornings? Where would I come midweek to go "Hmmmm, that is so right ?".......More to the point WHY does this Mike want the little Frog site???
Hey E4E...very kind words and much appreciated.

But I think I should have been more clear. Selling the domain wouldn't mean an end to my blogging, just an end to Blognonymous. I have at least one other domain that would make for a great blog.
Start high, like $12 million! It's all in the negotiation.
I'm with Lew. But don't come under 5. If he wants something under that send him to me :)
Gee you guys are just loads of help! :-)

But seriously, I've probably poured, one average, a couple of hours a day for over a year into this thing. So let's say conservati--whoops--liberally about 750 hours of effort, and giving that up is definitely worth something. But what?

A domain aggregator is going to offer hundreds--not worth it, IMHO. But if someone needs the name...
I would definitely want to know what they intend to do with it. What if they want to turn into a pro Bush site?

If their intentions are good, I would think you should ask at least 100Gs. You've built up a brand name here you know.
I'm thinkin' it'd be worth at least ONE 2 Week vacation in someplace perfectly suited to you amphibiousness. Perhaps Two 2 week vacations.

I've no doubt you've more creative - even ingenius! - domain names in you Kvatch. $100s, no. Anything close to Ten Grrr... Live Long and Proper amigo. If your integrity is satisfied with his offer, then take the money hum!
Jeez... I hate typos! lol
I don't know... I think ya might be onto something there about "THEM" buying names up and them putting up a site that is completely strange.
For example, if you click on one of the blogs I blogrolled called American Agenda, you would expect to find a blog by a gay man named Gary who has been beating up Bush and especially Santorum (Gary is in PA) for over a yr now. Gary had mentioned that someone wanted to buy his blog's name, which was this: usagenda.blogspot.com
He never told us readers if he did in fact sell it, but if you click on that link that I blogrolled, or if you were go to this link: http://usagenda.blogspot.com/, you will reach a blog about acne treatment, not Gary's blog.
I even checked at My Left Wing, b/c I knew that they had blogrolled him, and when I click on their link, it is that same acne treatment blog. I have no way of finding out what happened to Gary at this point, other than to wait until he leaves a comment at my place.
I'm sure Santorum is relieved to see Gary's blog gone. Gary had up an anti-Santorum petition or links to contact Man on Dog at least once a month.
I know the money is tempting... but you put in alot of froggy sweat and tears to build up this blog.
Jeez... I hate typos! lol

Dude...don't worry about it. I mean after all you're only a primate. Think of the typos you make when you don't have opposable thumbs?

Anything close to Ten Grrr... Live Long and Proper amigo. If your integrity is satisfied with his offer, then take the money hum!

I'm inclined to agree, I think that an offer in the 10's of K's is the way to go. "Take the money and hum," indeed! :-)
Libby, do I really care what they do with it? Though I'm flattered by the notion that I have a brand here. Pretty cool that! See my comment above about what I'm thinking here.

Tina, I saw what happend to Gary. Strange. An acne medication? But here's the question: I don't make money off of this now. So...if the content is more important than the name, wouldn't it follow that I can do the same under another name? "Blognonymous" is a good name, but I've got at least one other in my stable that is just as good.
You're sure it's not a scam?

If not, think anyone will want to buy the mags25.blogspot.com domain? j/k
Okay froggy, helpful. A little site called blogshares.com has you all figured out.
BSID # 6221555
Valuation B$26,475.28

But I expect a valuation fee for that work!
No joy there Cartledge. I've pumped and dumped my own stock on Blogshares a dozen or so times. Yours too, for that matter. :-)

Mags, I'm pretty sure it is a scam. If this guy were really interested in Blognonymous a money-making enterprise, then he'd have acquired the .net and .us domains as well.
well kvatch, you need to make them name a price FIRST, period. They came to you, not vice-versa. You weren't out there trying to market your domain name.

If they're serious, they'll try an initial low-ball. Multiply it 5 or 10 times. If the result is not anything you'd consider worthwhile, the deal is dead. If it is, counteroffer & see where that goes.

OK, you can take it from there. Trust me, I'm pretty good at this negosheeatin' stuff. I don't need to mention verifiable funds, do I?

Now as for how to "value" your domain, that's out of my realm. I've seen small businesses go for 15 x annual revenues, but don't know how to translate that to your domain. Only you know what it's worth to you! D.K.
Well...I don't have to worry about anyone wanting mine now do I?!!! Nobody understands why I have the name I do...I can tell you that it has nothing to do with looking like a sumo dude...quite the opposite.

String him along for a while and see where it goes. Because I'm curious as hell now to know what your other one is.
I'm trying to figure out how I lost track of you. I'll catch up tomorrow I promise.
I say go back with a high ball amount and then if they counter with something that sounds nice, go for it. You must let us know where you go - or no deal whatsoever. After all the name is just an idea and ideas are worth a lot these days.
D.K., thanks for the advice. What I can't figure is what he wants it for. More than one commenter has worried about a future owner putting up a rightist site.

The value in Blognonymous, as I see it, is in the uniqueness of the name. You can't get it confused with anything elsel. So if you do a Google search...everything is relevant, but that would be true with the domain I'd move to as well.

Sumo, I like "Sumo Merriment"--creative and clever, but because you don't really own that domain (Google does), you can't really sell it. I suppose somebody could pay you to abandon your blog and take it over, but it seems unlikely.

Granny, welcome back.

Mary, I've got a figure in mind but may decide to feel the buyer out as D.K. suggests. Rest assured, if I move my rantings you'll all get a notice.
Kvatch, I really, seriously do not trust it. It somehow makes me very uncomfortable, and I don't think you should do it.

I might just have my tin foil hat on too tight, but it makes me nervous.
I don't think I have yet to pronounce "Blognonymous" accurately, and I never attempt to evaluate the worth of words that I cannot pronounce.
K, here's one more reason your name may be worth more than you think: I'm NOT Mike, but when I first thought of blogging, yours was the VERY first name that came to mind for MY blog. I only knew you as Kvatch from seeing your comments on other blogs, didn't know that was your blog's name & was a wee disappointed it was already taken. Now if even a blogging rube like myself thought of it, well, you see the potential. BTW, I no longer have ANY desire to blog myself. All you talented bloggers are so creative & doing such a wonderful job, I stand in awe of your accomplishments. Oh, one more "piece of advice" if you can stand it: remove all these comments about what your blog is worth until AFTER you decide if selling is a go or no-go. Otherwise, you are in a position of weakness if the buyer is serious. OK, enough from the naggy ex-business-gal. D.K.
Well sooner or later a message like this one shows up in your email...

Not in my e-mail !!

Listen, Frogman. Unless you're pounding the pavement looking for your next job/meal/lilypad, I say hold onto that name. If for no other reason than the fact that it holds a lot of sentimental value for me. Your words and your froggy likeness are "synonymous with blognonymous"(damn, that was a good one). Please don't be a sell-out. Does anyone have a tissue? Anyone?...
Kvatch, if you sell this place, more power to you, bro. You can set up shop anew. Hell, you can come co-blog IST with me. Wherever you go, you'll do great and wreak havoc against the man.

But at least get a month's rent out of this. Sounds cheap, but it's hard out there...
Diva, don't worry. Chances are it's just some domain aggregator, and this will amount to nothing.

D.K., you're not the first person to say they considered Blognonymous for a blog name. I acquired it back in 2002, when a friend posed exactly the same question. (He was pissed when he found that I decided to keep it after thinking of it.)

PT, thanks for the sentiments. Interestingly, the phrase "Blognonymous Kvatch" gets used a lot around the sphere, and I kinda like it. Sounds like "Hieronymus Bosch". :-)

SA, thanks for the offer and the support. May have to take you up on that.
10 bucks is 10 bucks.
Go on, take the money and hop.
Not a penny less, there are other domains than these...(allways happy to work in a Gunslinger referance).
Hey Fred that's pretty cool and pretty close to the figure that I'd already come up with. Thanks for the link.
Hmmm, blognony...not too expensive...blognony without Kvatch...not worth the space I'm typin' on. Your priceless brother. Blog on. Don't sell out.
WS, many thanks! Don't think it's going to amount to much. I did come up with a price and sent the email back, but no response...
Good point about the "blogger" domain issue. I went to http://sillyhumans.com and found a T-Shirt company! ?!?!? No idea what the connection is, but there goes my domain idea.

If I ever do switch, I'm thinkin' of goin' with ... Dang! I trust the present company, but who knows who else is reading, and I REALLY like my 2nd choice.

Hope "Mike" responds.

OK, $11.00 not a penny more.
I'm thinkin' of goin' with ... Dang!

Hey Michael, I'll never tell. But it looks like "Mike Bernstein" has responded. ;-)

OK, $11.00 not a penny more.

So...Mike--can I call you Mike? If you're really the famous Mr. Bernstein, and given that I've already made my offer via email...WHAT'S MY PRICE, BITCH?!
Its a scam. I and many others have recieved offers from this bogatoid. Whatever dream you may have had of selling out for big money, the dream is over. Get back to blogging!

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