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The LiebermeleonLooks like Joe Lieberman is going down, but by all reports this won't stop him. So what are we to make of this label-defying politico. Is he a tree hugging liberal? He shared the presidential ticket with one. Is he a Republicrat? He talks like one when supporting of Bu$hCo's war. A traitor to the moonbats? A fellow traveler with the wing-nuts? Every rightist talking head from Coulter to Limbaugh has stepped up to support him. Is he a Naderite spoiler? Almost certainly, as he'll mount an independent campaign that will certainly take votes from Lamont.

In the end, perhaps all we can say is that he's The Liebermeleon.

Thanks to John Good for the pointers and to Lew Scannon for the inspiration.


Hey! You're back! L makes the chameleon look bad...kinda sorta.
Will Hannity, Coulter and Limpballs still endorse Lieberman in November, or wil they stand behind the Republican candidate? It's too bad when these guys get their asses handed to them by the voters they don't take it like a man and leave, but I'll bet it's hard to give up all those govermental perks after 26 years.
Liebermelon! That's funny. Wonder if it's as rotten in the inside as it smells like outside the rind/beltway. Good you are up and running full steam. We need you.
He's running for "Team Connecticut". Which means he's running for Holy Joe. My question is: if Lamont beats Liebermeleon in November, will Holy Joe accept the will of the voters then or will he continue to show up to his job in the Senate because he's above partisan politics?
[NOTE: I am Jewish, so I can do this bit.]

I have concluded that Lieberman was a Republican Jewchurian Candidate in the 2000 election. Somehow Rove managed to get his own man on the Democratic presidential ticket.
I Joe wants a political career he needs to withdraw and support Lamont. He likes to go whichever way the wind blows, well Joe, it's blowing hard left. Come back home for the big win and get yourself a cabinet-level position post 08 in return.
Let him run! run as an independent and they will drop him like a bomb!
TPM, I have to respectfully disagree. I agree with Lew and the SA that The Liebermeleon should take it like a man and leave. He's pulling a Nader, acting like a petulant child, basically saying "If the people won't support me, then I won't let the person they do support win."

Even if The Liebermeleon only pulls 2 in 5 Democrat votes in the general election, it could be enough to give the election to the Republicans.
The Left hereby takes the name "LOSERMAN" out the Dark Side's toobox, and hits them over the head with it.
There's real progress in Joe Lieberman's electability today!

He's in a three way tie for Dem. nominee...
Maybe not... I really like this guy's take on it. He posted at my blog, nice perspective:

Problem with Conventional Wisdom
Mr_Blog... Right you are. "Sore Loserman" would be more like it.

CE, Lieberman should follow Clinton's advice and take it like a man. (Though what I think Clinton said was more like, "...look deep inside yourself," or some such nonsnense.)

Helen, that's a good post. Sore Loserman, indeed!
Joe must go. He must realize and accept that a continued campaign makes him nothing but a "spoiler" in November. . .it's time for him to stop being a toy for the other side and do the right thing for America.

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